Gloria Jean’s Coffees



8.0 /10


8.0 /10


7.0 /10


9.0 /10

You should visit, because:

  • Great Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate

Keep in mind these:

  • Pricy



Gloria Jean’s Coffees is one of the world’s biggest premium coffee chains. Ottutu went to Gloria Jean’s Coffees  on a cold foggy day to relish coffee along with reviewing the restaurant.

Gloria Jeans Coffees DHA - Interior
Gloria Jeans Coffees DHA – Interior


As far as the menu is concerned, at Gloria Jean’s there is something for everyone;meaning there is a variety in their menu starting from coffees to iced coffees, from chillers to smoothies, from sandwiches to burgers and from pizzas to steaks. In coffees, they range from all-time classics like Cappuccino and Macchiato to specialities like Caramelatte and Chocolate Macadamia Latté.

Black Pepper Steak

The steak was served with fries and vegetables. The chicken was not well marinated and was tasteless though the dish looked really appealing.It didn’t really justify the price of PKR 695. 

Gloria Jean’s Coffees – Black Pepper Steak

Triple Decker with Cappuccino / Café Latté (Deal)

Sandwich was the real deal. It was served with fries and cabbage salad. Fresh bread, well-grilled chicken, scrambled eggs with mayo makes it a light and delicious meal to have for lunch.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees – Triple Decker

Café Latté,with its pleasant aroma being filled in the environment,tasted as yum-yum as it looked. Hence, In PKR 799, this deal was worth spending every single penny for.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees – Café Latté

Grilled Chicken Panini 

Grilled Chicken Sandwich was served with fries and cabbage salad. Well-cooked chicken topped with tomatoes and jalapeno sauce placed between freshly baked bread was a total delight for a cost of PKR 650.



White Hot Chocolate 

Hot Chocolate is perfect for ‘chocolate lovers’ and for anyone who is looking to add high-quality protein to their diet. Well from name some of you might think about the sweetness of this drink, but it’s not too sweet but luxuriously velvety. If you are a true chocolate lover then go for it. It costs PKR 370  for the regular drink.


The Final Verdict

Its a must visit place if you are a coffee lover with a budget of around PKR 1000 per person.

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