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          Beautifully crafted quality food for a hungry stomach

          Hunger Diaries is a new addition to burger joints in Lahore where there has been an uproar over multinational food companies making footprints. It certainly seems like Howdy and Johnny&Jugnu have a competition now- another joint offering hand-full burgers at economical rates. Nevertheless, local brands like Johnny&Jugnu  and Hunger Diaries trying to make a distinctive mark in the food wave that Lahore is engrossing itself in, is a good change for Pakistan in terms of revenue.

          Hunger Diaries claims to bring “high-end burgers to street food while giving a fine-dine experience with take-away and car dine-in services,without customers having to take pains of planning a proper restaurant outing“. Considering the area of G Block Phase 1 DHA, this is a smart move to make; since there aren’t many local street food providers with burgers at par with the likes of McDonald’s and Howdy in terms of quality.

          Coming to the food, they offer Burgers, Wraps, Sandwiches, Fizzy Drinks for now.They provide take-away and car dine-in services with home delivery charges free in Defence and Cavalry with charges of PKR 50-60, depending upon the kilometers, for Gulberg 1 and Gulberg 2.Also,they intend to serve from 12 pm to 1 am on week days and 12 pm to 2 am on weekends. We got the opportunity to have a tasting before the opening on 8 July 2017 and tried some of their top-notch starters and burgers.

          Potato Skins

          One of the most distinctive of the food items that we had a chance to gorge upon.Definitely not-too-many calories with baked thickly-cut-out potato skins topped with cheese and garnishing of jalapeno pepper.Served with sour ranch sauce and baked till potato remains crispy and cheese remains soft, this item is worth remembering.This item costs PKR 275.

          Hunger Diaries - Potato Skins
          Hunger Diaries – Potato Skins
          Mozzarella Sticks

          These were your typical mozzarella sticks coated with layers of bread crumbs and fried till golden brown.These sticks were served with their special HD sauce, made of mayonnaise mixed with some red-colored ingredient which was hard to guess.This item had nothing out-of-the-ordinary except that it was beautifully presented and neatly fried with noticeably less oil at a price of PKR 350.

          Hunger Diaries - Mozeralla Sticks
          Hunger Diaries – Mozzarella Sticks
          Onion Rings

          Rings of onions-coated with layers of bread crumbs-fried till golden brown yet the onions remaining unpleasantly hard, describes this item the best.Onion rings were served with honey mustard sauce which had less than required strong taste.This starter costs you PKR 250.

          Hunger Diaries - Onion Rings
          Hunger Diaries – Onion Rings
          Jalapeno Empire

          This was a tower-like burger layered with grilled-chicken patty, oozing jalapeno cheese sauce, tomatoes and lettuce.Chicken patty was juicy, thick and grilled almost till well-done, while it had a crispy coating.Jalapeno cheese sauce was a bit salty but refreshingly viscous and abundant in amount. Burger was served with coleslaw and french fries to us as sides; however, you can only choose one among three side options available. Overall, this was a a hunger-satiating meal at a price of PKR 350.

          Hunger Diaries - Jalapeno Empire
          Hunger Diaries – Jalapeno Empire


          The Shroom High

          Thick and wide beef patty, grilled to almost well-done and submerged in oodles of mushroom sauce and Swiss cheese.Beef patty was soft, juicy and mildly spiced to a commendable balance, but mushroom sauce was quiet salty. Apart from that, the quality of the burger bun to beef patty was remarkable.Burger was served with coleslaw and fries to us as sides, but you get one side in a meal from the three options available.Conclusively, this burger was definitely worth one try for a price of PKR 450.

          Hunger Diaries - The Shroom High
          Hunger Diaries – The Shroom High


          Final Verdict

          Hunger Diaries is surely way ahead of its contemporaries in terms of quality, presentation and service.Also, it promises many discount deals, family offers along with adding more variety in the menu, reaching out to places like Johar town and setting up one or two more branches.For an expenditure of under PKR 500 on regular meals and PKR 750 on signature meals, do visit this place after their opening or get their food delivered at your doorstep.


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