Jazz Cafe

Jazz Cafe

Jazz Cafe









          You should visit, because:

          • Great Place
          • Taste
          • Ambiance

          Keep in mind these:

          • Average Pricing

          Jazz Cafe, as the name implies, is a distinctive artsy place where you see art pieces hanging around, magazines and books placed nearby and a wooden-house feel; as you sit there waiting to dine .This restaurant  is located on MM Alam road right next to Tokyo  restaurant.

          Jazz Cafe Interior Look
          Inside Jazz Cafe

          Coming to food, the restaurant serves Continental, Chinese and Oriental cuisines with a lot of varieties of each of them, at reasonable prices. We started with complimentary starter and can not speak bad of it, because it served its purpose (winks).

          We ordered a “Thin-Crust Jalapeno Pizza” with Ginger Mint Crush.The drink tasted more like a mint margarita but it was not bad at taste.The pizza was served right: not very spicy, jalapenos on top with one good crust.Believe this when we say that you would not find good thin crust everywhere!

          The complimentary starters
          complimentary starter
          Thin Crust Pizza-Jazz Cafe
          Thin Crust Pizza

























          Now to the service; this is the only thing the restaurant was not too good at.
          The service was a little slow; one person serving all the customers which is  odd for the restaurant’s capacity.

          Jazz cafe offers 20% discount on two Banks too.

          The Final Verdict

          It is a nice classy place to go and eat if you want to visit a not-so-noisy place which offers delicious food at a budget of 700-900 PKR per person.

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