Tenerife Café










          You should visit, because:

          • Huge Menu
          • Great Locaion
          • Discount for Students
          • Both Indoor Outdoor Sitting

          Keep in mind these:

          • Condgested Interior

          Located on Jail Toad, Tenerife Café  has occupied a place which will not provide you a lot of options to dine in.In that case, Teneriffe Cafe is a good safe place to eat in this area.

          The interior has wooden walls, all decorated with classic pieces and big sofas to sit on.Everything was just fine but a little bit congested. They also offer open-air sitting which was simple but definitely not recommended in extreme weather conditions.

          Teneriffe Cafe – Interior
          Teneriffe Cafe – Open Air Sitting

          The menu had a lot of options from Chicken Entrees, Pizza, Beef, Seafood Pasta, Soups, Burgers and Oriental cuisine.The desserts had a lot to choose from too, but drinks’ variety was very limited. We ordered Spaghetti with Meatballs, Mexican Chicken steak, Chicken Cubes.

          We were served with complimentary garlic bread with butter which had a hint of garlic in it.

          Teneriffe Cafe – COMPLIMENTARY bread
          Mexican Chicken

          Grilled chicken breast topped with Mexican sauce and some rice on side, is the dish to have if you are craving hot and spicy bite to eat. The sauce was not too thick, had all the spices in right quantity with little sweet and much spicy touch to grilled chicken.The chicken was a bit hard- maybe overcooked, but all in all this dish was one of the best we have tried so far.This item will cost you PKR 725.

          Teneriffe Cafe - Mexican Chicken
          Teneriffe Cafe – Mexican Chicken
          Italian Spaghetti Meatball

          Ideal for people who want to have a saucy, mild-spicy spaghetti.The spaghetti topped with marinara sauce (sauce with lots of tomatoes and some spices) and meatballs was all this dish had.The meatballs tasted a bit bland but the sauce they were cooked in, made it a lot better.This spaghetti item costs you PKR 645.

          Teneriffe Cafe - Italian Spaghetti Meatball
          Teneriffe Cafe – Italian Spaghetti Meatball


          Grilled Chicken Cubes

          We selected this from Charcoal Chicken Section, these grilled chicken cubes tasted like a BBQ Chicken Cube with prominent charcoal scent.They didn’t have lots of spices and were cooked on point with a layer of cheese on top of  each cube.This dish was served with pita bread, humus, salad and a thin garlic sauce.We say this item is a safe and tasty choice for any body who loves BBQ chicken.This dish costs you PKR 795.

          Teneriffe Cafe - Grilled Chicken Cubes
          Teneriffe Cafe – Grilled Chicken Cubes

          The service at this place was just okay, the order was served in time but the staff seemed a bit less welcoming and non-cooperative to their customers.The quantity of each dish served was enough for one person.

          Discounts: They keep offering multiple discounts too.

          Final Verdict

          Teneriffe, located at a place which does not have lots of options to dine-in, is clearly at an advantage.It offers huge menu variety, nice but congested interior and open-air sitting.The food tastes okay, we recommend their steaks and Grilled Chicken variety. Teneriffe can cost you an average of PKR 800-1000/person if you only take main courses and drinks.


          Do you think we did justice to this place? Leave your opinions in the comment below! For more reviews on your favorites, visit us here

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