The Urban Cafe Yogilicious - Interior

The Urban Cafe Yogilicious










          You should visit, because:

          • Great Interior
          • Perfect Service

          Keep in mind these:

          • Expensive



          Urban Cafe is not your regular eat-drink-leave cafe, it gives you experience and comfort other than great food.It has recently reopened ,to be bigger and better, on Galib Road near Burger King, Lahore.The interior is classy with film frames hanging around walls and has an entire corner dedicated to books.So, you can actually spend quality time there except just eating.

          The Urban Cafe Yogilicious - Interior
          The Urban Cafe Yogilicious – Interior
          The Urban Cafe Yogilicious - Interior

          Coming to the food items and menu, we were served with plain hot complimentary pop-corns plus a cupcake for checking-in on Facebook.The menu items covered  Burgers, Pastas, Pizzas, Sandwiches, Seafood, Breakfast, Entrees, drinks and desserts.We ordered Pizza Fries for appetizer, Red Chilli Chicken, Arrabiata Pasta, BBQ Chicken Pizza for main course , Blueberry Lychee Twirl  for drinks and sizzling skillet brownie for dessert.

          Pizza Fries

          Pizza fries is your average fries with chicken, pizza sauce and cheese toppings.It is a delicious treat for fries’ lovers for a cost of PKR 650.

          THE URBAN CAFE YOGILICIOUS – Pizza Fries


          Grilled chicken submerged in creamy sauce with a hint of spices and a bowl of rice is a light meal to have for lunch,;although a bit too expensive for that much quantity.It costs PKR 850.


          Arrabiata Pasta

          If you are a fan of hot spices and saucy pasta, this is it.Arrabiata sauce (the one red in colour) with grilled chicken and basil seasoning is a must-try for any pasta lover.This item costs around PKR 700.

          THE URBAN CAFE YOGILICIOUS - Arrabiata Pasta
          THE URBAN CAFE YOGILICIOUS – Arrabiata Pasta


          BBQ Chicken Pizza

          Tired of getting thin crust pizza in every cafe you go? Well, this was definitely not a thin crust pizza but a chicken-loaded, large deep-pan cheesy pizza.If you don’t like a very heavy pizza, this is not for you.This Large pizza costs PKR 830.

          THE URBAN CAFE YOGILICIOUS - BBQ Chicken Pizza
          THE URBAN CAFE YOGILICIOUS – BBQ Chicken Pizza

          Blueberry Lychee Twirl Smoothie

          A thick refreshing smoothie of Lychee flavor with a pinch of blueberry taste; a perfect spring delight.This smoothie is priced at PKR 350.

          THE URBAN CAFE YOGILICIOUS – Blueberry Lychee Twirl

          Sizzling Hot Chocolate Brownie

          Sizzling chocolate can never disappoint chocolate lovers .This brownie with poured-over sizzling melting chocolate and topped with a cold ice-cream scoop was not the best we have tried so far but was not the worst either.It was served way too hot, the chocolate sauce started sticking to the skillet and the brownie could have been more soft.This dessert costs you PKR 530.


          The service at this place was amazing, the staff was friendly, and cooperative.

          Final Verdict

          Urban Cafe- Yoglicious has stood out among many restaurants because of its classy interior.The restaurant surely is a bit pricey,but their taste and service do not disappoint.For one main course,appetizer,dessert and drink it will cost you around PKR 2000-2200/person and PKR 1000-1200/person if you only take one main course and a drink.

          Do you think we did justice to this place? Leave your opinions in the comment below! For more reviews on your favorites, visit us here

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