10 Places to Eat Dessert

Pakistan is one of those countries that experience intense summer all around the year except four months of winter.In these harsh conditions, ice cream or other cold desserts is the perfect anecdote to beat the scorching heat. Apart from that, those with a sweet tooth are always on look out for something to satiate their cravings.

We bring to you 10 such places that offer range of desserts varying from Ice cream, pancakes, brownies to falooda.

1- Sweet Affairs

The only time we have heard name of Sweet Affairs is, after a heart-felt praise of its Death by Chocolate shake; a shake that is hard to finish yet delicious to taste. Although, it offers a wide variety of food items and desserts but its chocolate shakes and brownies are what people root for.You can get shakes or brownies under PKR 400 at this place.

Sweet Affairs - Source: Internet
Sweet Affairs – Source: Internet
2- Waffles By Alamgir

Waffles By Alamgir is a perfect example of the phenomena that you need to focus on content not glorious decorations and space to make a mark amongst people. Waffle cones filled with ice cream and topped with various nuts, crunch etc for less than PKR 200 is a huge gift to customers in this pricey era.It experiences so much customers at a time that there are long queues of people waiting to grab a bite of the cones.Apart from cones they serve coffees and shakes as well.

Waffles by Alamghir - Source: Internet
Waffles by Alamghir – Source: Internet
3- Manolo Gelato

If you want a break from ordinary strawberry, mango or vanilla ice cream, try Manolo. It offers a wide range of flavours such as Mint, Raspberry, Oreo, Peach etc. Ice cream is served either in cups or waffles cones- your choice.The largest size that you can order costs under PKR 500, and would be enough to die-down your cravings for a month.

Manolo Gelato-Ice cream


4- The Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth like the name implies offers brownies, ice cream to chocolate gol gappay. It is reasonably-priced with a lot of liking among people for its ambiance and funky interior decorations. For an average price of PKR 500-600 you can have stomach-full desserts of varying kinds at this place. Read our review on this eatery here!

The Sweet Tooth - Source: Internet
The Sweet Tooth – Source: Internet
5-The Chocolate Room

A chocolate cafe in Lahore that offers a range of food and drinks, but specializes in waffles.Waffles are served with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream with toppings varying with the type you order.They are reasonably priced along with delicately made to,almost, perfection under PKR 500. We have visited this place and you can read about our experience here!

The Chocolate Room - Source: Internet
The Chocolate Room – Source: Internet
6- Masoom’s Pancake Lounge

Masoom’s has always been famous for its pancakes and cakes; it was one of the first ever contemporary cafes in Lahore. The taste has always been average but people have a special affiliation with this place.Pancakes, brownies and cake slices cost under PKR 500.


7- Yummy 36

In Lahore, we  have been used to of eating plain ice-cream not a  proper dessert of it.Yummy 36 with its distinctive flavour offers you various toppings, such as: fruits, caramel crunch, cream and waffers- all in PKR 170 for a single scoop.

Yummy36-Ice Cream
8- Chashni

Normally sweets shops in Pakistan do not offer a place to sit and peacefully enjoy the delicacies. Chashni is first one to do that with its outlet in DHA Lahore.People usually go their to enjoy Falooda in intense summers while sitting in a beautiful environment decorated with our cultural ornaments. Every once in a while it is good to places that offer local desserts instead of leaping for something of another culture.


9- Jalal Sons

Have you ever wished for a KitKat flavoured ice cream?If yes then Jalal Sons offers flavours of most of the famous chocolates in Pakistan, namely: Snickers, Mars, KitKat, Twix etc.For a price of PKR 199/scoop, the quantity and quality is beyond expectations.

Jalal Sons-Ice Cream
10- Chaman Ice Cream

Chaman icecream is what you would call desi ice cream which tries to maintain its originality of flavours.It is tasty but not too fancy with toppings or decorations in PKR 50-70/scoop. Chaman is located in Johar town Lahore and many other cities as well which means it deserves to tried once.

Chaman-Ice Cream

This list is a compilation based on the quality of desserts, their demand, popularity, variety and innovation in desserts they are offering and pricing. If this is not your top 10, tell us in comments what is your favourite dessert place in lahore!

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