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You should visit, because:

  • Unique Dessert Items
  • High Quality

Keep in mind these:

  • A bit Pricy

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

There are many cafes and dessert places around Lahore nowadays offering same items with same taste even though they are delicious. Although it’s pleasant to see so many well-kept places offering quality desserts but the originality of taste still lacks. Having a molten lava cake at any reputable cafe almost tastes the same which after a while of devouring becomes boring, and same goes for ice cream, coffee, cappuccinos etc.

However, Aletto, located in Emporium Mall, has come up with unique dessert items that have never been offered in Pakistan before. They claim to import the core ingredients from United Kingdom and having tried their items, they do seem different than native ones. Moreover, from the look of it they seem to really care about their customers and the quality of delicacies they offer; which is much needed in restaurateurs in Pakistan.

Alletto Emporium
Alletto Emporium
Alletto Toppings
Alletto Toppings

Aletto’s menu ranges from explosions, frulattos to cookie dough and smilers with each regular-sized item served under PKR 500. It is more appropriately a dine-in service rather than a take-away point because they recommend you to eat the item right away to experience the originality of the flavor as with cold deserts the temperature matters a lot. Team Ottutu were asked to review their desserts and drinks and we tried Alletto Frapo, Cookie Dough and Vanilla Base with strawberry sauce topping.One thing we loved about their offered items was that they can be customised as per toppings you choose form a variety of candy and choclate bars including M&M, KitKat, Maltesers and more.

Alletto Frapo

We have all tried cold-coffee, frappucino, oreo shakes, nutella shakes and they all have tasted heavenly but ultimately give you a sugar-high, which might make people feel nauseous at times. So  Aletto Frapo and other frulattos are a good alternative to aforementioned items. Aletto Frapo is sweet KitKat, Maltesers and coffee mixed together in  a medium which is kept secret by the company. The medium, whichever it is, is definitely a very good combination with all the other ingredients. It does not taste like a milkshake but tastes like really frothy creamy thick water mixed chocolate and coffee just in the right amount. Whatever it may be, it taste delicious and feels light on the stomach for a regular-sized drink of PKR 350.

Alletto Frappo
Alletto Frapo
Cookie Dough

Have you ever had Subway cookies or soft cookies? Remember their taste? Now imagine a dish with base of that one large cookie topped with chocolate pieces, chocolate sauce and ice cream.For those who don’t know about soft cookies, cookie dough is a soft half-baked cookie mixture which only Alletto serves in Lahore. Most people would mix it with skillet cookies which is fully-baked and crispy cookie dough.However, this cookie dough was soft, extremely sweet and moist yet desirably crisply as well. Its served steaming hot and tastes the best only when its hot. For all the people with sweet tooth, this is a dream come true as it is their best selling item for a cost of PKR 499.

Alletto - Cookie Dough
Alletto – Cookie Dough
Smiler’s Vanilla Base

This is like a waffle cone with ice cream and different toppings except that the shape is very different. We got a chance to try the vanilla base with strawberry sauce and oreo toppings. All of us have eaten vanilla ice cream all our lives and it has mostly been vanilla essence, cream, condensed milk mixed together; however, this one is one-of-its-kind.Moreover, strawberry sauce also feels like you are actually having liquefied strawberries not some artificially flavoured third-grade sauce. For a price of PKR 299, this item is definitely worth the price.

Alletto Smiler Base
Alletto Smiler Base


The owners and staff are cordial, cooperative and care a lot about giving you a tasteful, hygeinic and a quality experience.

Final Verdict

If you are bored with trying the same things with same taste over and over again with different names, Aletto will be a great experience for you. For an average expenditure of PKR 500/person,  this place offers something really different for those having a sweet tooth. At first you might feel like it’s a bit high-priced but the taste and the service compensates for all of it.


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