Amigos Kitchenette - Interior Source: Amigos Facebook

Amigos Kitchenette










You should visit, because:

  • Super Economical
  • Taste with Quality
  • Fast Service

Keep in mind these:

  • No Ambiance
  • Congested Sitting
  • No Personal Space
 Taste and Quality At One Place
Amigos Kitchenette has been making waves since past months so we had to try it for you guys! The place is located in Barkat Market next to Mei Kong and UK55.
The interior..kind of doesn’t exist..its a small pathway where they have placed chairs and tables and some fancy hanging bulbs and wall decorative. The sitting is super congested, the tables were literally an inch away from each other and due to open kitchen on both sides of the sitting it becomes super hot inside too.  They can manage a max of 20 people there. The place offers outdoor sitting too, which is very normal and nobody would probably prefer eating there in all noise and hustle of traffic near.
Amigos - Outdoor Sitting
Amigos – Outdoor Sitting
Amigos Kitchenette - Interior Source: Amigos Facebook
Amigos Kitchenette – Interior Source: Amigos Facebook
The menu has sandwiches burgers, steaks, pasta and some main entrees from chicken and beef. Everything was priced in a very economical range and we ordered their Cordon Bleu Chicken and Hot n Sour Soup.
Cordon Bleu Chicken
This dish, recommended by the staff had Two stuffed boneless chicken pieces slightly crispy outside and soft inside. The stuffing had very less cheese and a smoked beef slice. Crispy stuffed chicken was dipped in a sweet n sour sticky sauce which made it mild spicy but good. We recommend this dish and it will cost you 325 Rs. The quantity was lesser than other main course quantities at other cafes but well suited for the price they are offering it.
Amigos Kitchenette - Cordon Bleu Chicken
Amigos Kitchenette – Cordon Bleu Chicken
Hot n Sour Soup
This soap was served fresh and hot, had everything at its best it chicken or veggies. The taste however was questionable, it was a bit more sour than it should’ve been and tasted more like a homemade gravy than a hot n sour soup.  One good serving of soup costs you 95 Rs.
Amigos Kitchenette - Hot N Sour Soup
Amigos Kitchenette – Hot N Sour Soup
The service at this place was remarkable, no doubts in that. Everything was served super fast and the staff was really open to criticism as well. The prices mentioned in their menu were inclusive of taxes and extremely low too.
The Final Verdict:
Amigos Kitchenette is an ideal place for those who are looking for a place serving menu like every other cafe in economical ranges but can compromise on sitting and ambiance. Their prices and service made us their fan but the congested and zero-ambiance sitting might push away a lot of foodies. You can have a complete meal at amigos for a price of 500/person

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