Annexe- UET Lahore










You should visit, because:

  • The Famous and delicious 'Panga'
  • Fast Service
  • Very Economical

Keep in mind these:

  • Nothing, its perfect!



Annexe, located in UET Lahore, is an open-air simplistic cafe that serves drinks only.The drinks are surely different from what you might have tasted in fancy places of Lahore, because drinks here are tasty, cheap and plentiful; a delightful place for students of UET.

Coming to the menu, the drinks range from milkshakes to coffees, juices and a lot of fusion drinks. There is a super-star drink this place offers, named “Panga” which you can find no where in Lahore. Apart from this drink, they have coffee drinks with amazing  fusions namely; Coffee Kulfa Crunch, Milo-Coffee-Feast and many more.

The ‘Panga’

This drink will surprise you! It is a mixture of fruit pieces, ice cream scoops, and fruit shake.They offer multiple choices to choose from a list of seasonal-pangas.

  • Banana Panga
  • Khajoor(Dates) Panga
  • Mango Panga
  • Starwberry Panga
  • Pineapple Panga,and the list goes on

We tried Banana Panga, take a bite of ice cream, drink a sip of liquid shake and top it off with a fruit piece and then be mesmerized by the amazing taste of it all. Banana Panga was a creamy banana shake with toppings of banana slices, date pieces and ice-cream chunks.

Panga- Annexe UET Lahore
Panga- Annexe UET Lahore Source: Zahid Mehmood Photography

All of this variety is available within the range of PKR 90-150 only.You will never get so much for so less with same taste, quality and quantity.

The ‘Milo Feast’
Imagine a cold drink having  milo,coffee, chocolate chunks,chocolate shake,chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips in every sip?  Wherever your imagination has taken you, we bet this drink tastes 100 times delicious then you are thinking that it could.This drink will cost around PKR 80-100 only.

Coffee Milo Feast - Annexe UET Lahore
Coffee Milo Feast – Annexe UET Lahore

The service was unbelievably fast! They have been found to serve more than 100 customers at a time and trust us on this, no order is late.

The Final Verdict

Annexe is not your typical cafe but the taste accounts for everything here and serenity and old-world charm of historic buildings makes it all a pleasant experience.A must visit as per Ottutu’s standard.

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