Big M










You should visit, because:

  • Economical
  • Average Taste

Keep in mind these:

  • Average Interior

Big M is located in Shadman Market; an area of Lahore that has only few eateries nearby, thus giving this place an edge over those located in famous spots for restaurateurs.The interior is simple, nothing fancy  but it is spacious with two floors for sitting.
Big M – Interior
The menu has a lot of variety from Continental Cuisine, BBQ, Pizza, Sandwiches, Burgers and Spaghetti with least variety of drinks and desserts. We ordered Chicken Kababs and Chef Special Spaghetti.
Chicken Kababs
This one dish had six Kababs and was served simmering hot. The taste was atmost average with a balanced ratio of spices and over-cooked chicken.However, at price of PKR 480 these kebabs were tasty, enough-in-quantity, and worth-a-try.
Chicken Kabab – Big M
Chef Special Spaghetti
Spaghetti had peas, mushroom, sausages, chicken bites, olives baked in a layer of cheese over the actual content of the dish. It is perfect for cheese lovers and people who like their food mildly-spiced.This item costs PKR 750 which, seeing the quantity, was overpriced but did not lack in taste.
Chef Special Spaghetti
The service at this place was slow as the order took almost thirty minutes to be served.Moreover, hygiene of place wasn’t very well maintained.
 Final Verdict
If you are looking for an economical place which serves continental food and some other varieties, with an average interior near Shadman at a per person cost of PKR 500-700, Big M is the right place for you.
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