Black Pearl Cafe










You should visit, because:

  • Economical
  • Good Location

Keep in mind these:

  • Lacks Good Taste
  • Limited Menu
  • Limited Sitting

Economical with an Average Taste

Black Pearl Cafe is a new small cafe recently opened at Davis Road. The location lacks good food points and this addition excited us to try it as soon as it got operating. We visited them on their third day and here is what we think about it.

The interior was different and cool with one wall showing all postal stamps of Pakistan; way better when compared to nearby eateries. The sitting area is extremely small though, they can only entertain a maximum of 16-20 people.

Black Pearl Cafe - Interior
Black Pearl Cafe – Interior
Black Pearl Cafe – Interior

The menu is very limited and contains wraps/shawarma/pizza/sandwiches and burgers only. We tried their Small Fajita Pizza, BBQ Wrap and Fish n Chips.

Fajita Pizza

The pizza was served hot, was cheesy and had every item a good fajita pizza needs but it lacked taste, it was way too bland for fajita, the only flavor in it was due to chicken chunks and cheese. This small pizza costs you 250 Rs.

Black Pearl Cafe - Small Pizza
Black Pearl Cafe – Small Pizza
Fish N Chips

The fish served was crispy and hot when served, didn’t have any taste(not even salt) and could’ve been made better. One serving contained 8 Fish pieces, you might not find this kind of quantity at a price of Rs. 300 with same quality and sitting.

Black Pearls Cafe -Fish N Chips
Black Pearls Cafe -Fish N Chips
Tikka Paratha Roll

This Paratha roll was among the cheapest menu items of this place and we loved it the most! Unlike all other items, it wasn’t tasteless. A very simple yet saucy paratha roll with BBQ flavored chicken chunks vegetable and┬ásauce made this one a good option to try at black pearls for a price of 130 Rs.

Black Pearls Cafe -Fish N Chips
Black Pearls Cafe – Tikka Paratha Roll

Their service definitely needs improvements, the staff wasn’t welcoming, one of the plates we got wasn’t even properly cleaned but keeping in mind that they just started we think they deserve a second chance. The food lacked presentation too.

The Final Verdict

Black Pearls Cafe has opened up at a place where its hard to find a place with family sitting, good interior, a healthy environment;where waiters and people don’t stare at you while you eat and a bearable taste with good quality. Black Pearls is an economical combination of all that, they do need to improve their taste, menu variety, presentation and service but t a price of 150-300 Rs / person, this place offers you good value for money.

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