Bombay Chowpatty










You should visit, because:

  • They Serve Indian Origin Snacks
  • Economical

Keep in mind these:

  • Simple Interior

Note: Bombay Chowpatty is now closed on mm alam and is available in emporium mall and packages mall.

Note: Bombay Chowpatty Has been closed until further notice to relocate to another area.
Bombay Chowpatty has made its name in chat-patta chaats and other snacks from Indian origin.The name goes well with what they specialize in but that is not all they offer.They offer local dishes of subcontinent origin in general.

The interior is not extraordinary- spacious, not very fancy yet not too simple.They offer both indoor and outdoor sittings.

Bombay Chowpatty – Interior
Bombay Chowpatty - Outdoor Sitting
Bombay Chowpatty – Outdoor Sitting

Coming to food,we ordered Dahe Batata Puri and Bhel Puri from their chaat section and BBQ Platter  from their combination deals.Everything got served before time which was a plus for this place.They serve meals including Wraps, Biryani and other Continental items too.

Dahe Batata

One plate of this spicy-sweet tasting mixture had crispy delicate puris filled with yogurt, potatoes, sweet sauce (chutney) and sour sauce topped with sev (the yellow ones in the picture).Perfect quantities of both chatnis, spices, yogurt and crispy sev made this dish an anecdote for heat. It costs you PKR 199 for this rare and refreshing chatpata Dahi Batata Puri.

Bombay Chowpatty – Dahe Batata
Bhel Puri

A tamarind tangy combination of bhel and sev with a bit of sweet chutney is all what this was. Bhel puri is a classic chaat snack from India which is supposed to be sour but sweet and the one served at Bombay Chowpatty was exactly like that. Chunks of potatoes, onions and some other spices added just to taste, made this bhel puri  a treat in summer heat. This item will cost you PKR 170

Bombay Chowpatty – Bhel Puri
Special BBQ Platter

This dish had 2 chicken cheese Seekh Kabab, 3 pieces Chicken Bihari Boti,  3 pieces Shish Touk, Raita, Salad and option of Roti/Naan/Roghni Naan with one drink.The cheese Seekh Kabab were like any other mildly-spiced,well cooked long seekh kababs with cheese on top.Bihari boti was bland, lacked taste and  did not have any specific spices added to give it any taste other than scent of coal. Shish Touk was distinctive in taste with balanced cooking, marination and grilling but just a bit more then need aroma of coal.The taste was different then any other BBQ with a hint of salty, mildly-spicy chicken but all in all it tasted good.
For a price of PKR 650, the quantity for one person was enough and taste was extraordinary.

Bombay Chowpatty - BBQ Platter
Bombay Chowpatty – BBQ Platter

Final Verdict

Bombay Chowpatty has done justice to these Indian origin snacks, they taste just like what we have heard about them- all our lives.Keeping in mind the rare snacks variety they offer and the comparatively low pricing,this place is a must go for all foodies .Their combination meals and chaat section is recommended by Ottutu. If you only go for snacks Bombay Chowpatty can cost you PKR 200-300/person and for a proper meal with snacks PKR 800-900/person.


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