Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe










You should visit, because:

  • Huge Variety of Taste
  • Great Service
  • WOW Interior

Keep in mind these:

  • Its a bit Pricy

Bon Vivant Palais is heaven for the one who enjoys good food. The place is majestic- encompassing cultures from around the world.Being a food multiplex, the restaurant has sub-restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines, each portraying the culture related to the origin of the cuisines that it offers.  Cool right?

Located near Barcelos Gulberg ||| , Bon Vivant Palais surely has a distinctive and and one-of-a-kind touch to it. So many restaurants and so much variety,all in one place.

  • One floor is dedicated to continental foo--Riwayaat
  • One floor to Chinese Thai and Japanese–Xing Fu(If you want to see a bit of Japanese culture, you must go here)
  • and if you are not very specific on your choice of cuisine, they have the solution to that as well..another floor–Cafe Bon Vivant
    Adding to this all, there are two more floors yet to be opened, namely : Aver Caro and Faite. God knows what they are building, but our hopes are high!

We chose Cafe Bon Vivant this time, but stay tuned for other restaurant reviews as well!

The cafe has a charming interior with a bar, fancy lanterns and great art pieces- making it a pleasant place to have a nice meal.

Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe--Interior
Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe–Interior
Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe--Interior
Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe–Interior

Coming to the food itself, we ordered Hot n Sour Soup, Chicken Milano Panini and English Style Fish N Chips with a Lychee Smoothie.

Hot N Sour Soup

This soup would be a good choice for all you mushroom lovers out there; however we found it above average because all of us are not mushroom lovers, eh.
The average pricing of soups was PKR 210-240.

Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe--Hot N Sour Soup
Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe–Hot N Sour Soup
Chicken Milano Panini

Grilled chicken with cheese and spicy Mayo, served with fries; this Panini is great for people who like their spices mild but not so great for somebody who loves spice and wants something exciting in their food.The pricing of Paninis ranged from PKR 415-540.

Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe--Chicken Milano Panini
Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe–Chicken Milano Panini
English Style Fish N Chips

Deep fried fish was served with a lot of fries, calling onto all the fish lovers out there.

Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe--English Style Fish N Chips
Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe–English Style Fish N Chips
Lychee smoothie

A lot of cafes do not offer lychee smoothie, but we got lucky with this place.The smoothie was light and heavenly and best if you are craving for a cold light drink!

Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe--Lychee Smoothie
Bon Vivant Palais-Cafe–Lychee Smoothie

All the dishes we ordered were for single person serving but their quantity was enough for two persons too.The food quality, service time and overall experience was more than good.The taste was not out-of-this-world kind but was way better than a lot of restaurants.

Final Verdict:

This place surely deserves a visit from foodies.If you only try main course with a drink, it will cost you around PKR 800-1000 per person.

Still looking for something more? We are sure you can find something here