Burger King- Interior

Burger King










You should visit, because:

  • Great Location
  • Good burger choices
  • Not very expensive

Keep in mind these:

  • Sitting not that great
  • Hot beverages weren't available




Burger King is a multi-national fast-food chain with its origins in United States of America.It offers a variety of burger-combination meals at reasonable prices, more affordable then McDonalds.

Ottutu visited Burger King Branch at Durand road, right in front of Queen Mary College.This area does not have any famous eateries but a lot of academic institutes which makes Burger King a very busy eatery of this area; good business strategy on their part.

The interior is not very interesting or unique, just like that of any fast food restaurant but with crown caps on each table.

Burger King-Interior
Burger King-Interior


Coming to the food, Ottutu ordered their very famous Beef Double Whooper,Vanilla Shake,  and Spicy Chicken Steak Burger.


Vanilla Shake

Vanilla shake had true flavor of vanilla in it and was chilled to the right amount and quantity was just perfect.The larger serving costs PKR 250.

Burger King- Vanilla Shake
Burger King- Vanilla Shake
Spicy Steak Burger

A flame-grilled steak burger which was slightly crispy,saucy and mildly-spiced. It was served with fries and drink.The crispiness in the burger added a lot to the taste.If you are looking for a safe choice and good taste, this should be you final choice .The total cost of this meal was PKR 650.

Burger King- Spicy Steak Burger
Burger King- Spicy Steak Burger
Double Whooper-Beef

Burger King is famous for its whoopers all around the world and beef burgers are not made perfectly everywhere but this was not too bad.With double beef patty, pickles,onions, tomatoes and other items in the burger, it proved to be a good choice for us.The fries and soft drink were part of the meal and the deal costs you around PKR 750.

Burger King - Double Whooper Beef
Burger King – Double Whooper Beef

The service was great, no order was late and the staff was friendly and cooperative.

The Final Verdict:

For all the fast food lovers who want a good experience and tasty meal with a per person cost of around PKR 600-750, this place is a must-go.

PS: BK offers discounts on a lot of cards which everybody can avail.

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