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You should visit, because:

  • Freshly Cooked
  • Attractive deals

Keep in mind these:

  • Slow Service
  • Less Quantity
  • Expensive


Made In Pakistan

Burger Lab is a Karachi-based Pakistani food chain which has now come to Lahore in DHA Z-block market right next to Gourmet Grill.They claim to serve fresh food and non-processed food and that everything is cooked at the time you place the order.The interior is funky and spacious. They have a two-story building and organize events as well.

Burger Lab - Interior
Burger Lab – Interior

The menu at burger lab is just according to its name, they offer a variety of burgers, few appetizers and drinks.

Big bang

This is one of the hot-selling beef burgers of burger lab, as per their staff. They use smashing technique and this is what makes it different. This technique gives it ground crisp, even heat and more blend of spices in patty. They offer this burger in single, double and triple patty. Coming to the taste, it contained cheese, jalapenos, pepperoni and beef patty. Beef was cooked to medium-rare, had a mild peppery taste. All in all the burger was juicy and mildly-spiced.A single patty big bang costs you PKR 410 which is a bit overpriced for what they are offering in it.

Burger Lab - Big Bang
Burger Lab – Big Bang
Honey Mustard Flip

We ordered this burger with grilled chicken patty but you can have this with fried patty as well. The burger was nothing more then a huge patty which tasted bland along with lettuce some cheese and honey mustard sauce which added all the taste to burger.This burger costs you PKR 370.

Burger Lab - Honey Mustard Flip
Burger Lab – Honey Mustard Flip
Bizza Fries

This is a fancy name for pizza fries.These were zig-zag fries with a very few amount of cold cheese, jalapenos, mushroom topped with lots of pizza sauce which tasted a little more tomatoe-y than needed. The quantity was acceptable for a price of PKR 450, but they were served mild hot and not as hot as they should’ve been.

Burger Lab - Bizza Fries
Burger Lab – Bizza Fries
Kiwi Mojito

This mojito tasted like lots of sugar poured into water and soda alongwith a little syrup. The quantity it was served in was also lesser then needed and it will cost you PKR 190 just for this drink.

Burger Lab - Kiwi Mojito
Burger Lab – Kiwi Mojito
Chilli Poppers

Chilli poppers are green chilils filled with a sauce and chicken bites. It was spicy so much that a spice lover would love it. The sauce and chicken added a mild tangy taste to it. Five pieces of chilli poppers will cost you PKR 300.


Burger Lab – Chilli Poppers
Burger Lab - Chilli Poppers
Burger Lab – Chilli Poppers


The service was slow, the order preparation time was 20-25 minutes but got served after 35 minutes.


Final Verdict

Burger lab is an eatery focusing on providing fresh burgers with original recipes. Their deals are definitely attractive but overall we found this place a little bit overpriced at a per erson cost of 350-500 (If you only order a burger) seeing what they are providing in it. Have you been here already? Tell us about your experience!


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