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You should visit, because:

  • Authentic Mexican Food
  • Great Sauces
  • Economical Takeaway

Keep in mind these:

  • Less Area Coverage
  • Tastes Best Only If Fresh
A taste of Mexico

Burritoz,located in H Block DHA, is a delivery/takeaway eatery which promises to provide authentic Mexican street food. The restaurant plans to expand its services to further locations of Lahore owing to the increasing interest of people in Mexican cuisine. Burritoz delivers in DHA and Cantt with no delivery charges and takes 40-60 minutes to deliver at your doorstep.

Brritoz - Inside
Brritoz – Inside


The menu covers Mexican food with an addition of tex-mex nachos, fries, wings, shrimps and few seafood items. We tried their tex-mex nachos, beef steak enchilada, chicken shredded enchilada, burrito, burrito special fries, stuffed chilli and sauces.

Burritoz - Menu
Burritoz – Menu
Burritoz - Menu
Burritoz – Menu


Stuffed Chillies

This was green chillies with a hard-crispy coating and chicken strips and cheese filling.Coating  and dry stuffing were definitely a deal-breaker for its taste.This costs you PKR 199 for a serving of four chillies

Burritoz - Stuffed Chilis
Burritoz – Stuffed Chillies
Burrito Special Fries

Fries with toppings of sauces, onions, tomatoes and cheese, giving a sour and cheesy flavour. Unfortunately, fries were not fresh or crispy but were hard and soaked-out, maybe due to delivery or that they were made before time. If fries had been fresh, this could have been a really good item for a cost of PKR 249.

Burritoz - Special Fries
Burritoz – Special Fries
Chicken Shredded Enchilada

Enchiladas are a Mexican food item made with corn tortillas, chicken/beef fillings, cheese baked together. Burritoz offers multiple enchilada varieties in beef and chicken, and this one was crispy corn tortillas,  shredded mildly-salty chicken, red beans, tomatoes, onions, rice, jalapeno, covered under a layer of cheese.  All in all, this item was delightfully saucy and spicy- quiet different from offered at other places. It is prices at PKR 309.

Burritoz - Chicken Steak Enchilada
Burritoz – Chicken Steak Enchilada
Beef steak Enchilada

Everything in this enchilada was similar to chicken shredded enchilada except that it was with beef steak pieces. The beef was very well cooked, not hard like at most of the restaurants and it tasted better than chicken.This costs PKR 399/ serving.

Burritoz - Chicken Steak Enchilada
Burritoz – Beef Steak Enchilada
Chicken Quesadillas

Quesadillas is another rarity in Lahore. They are of Mexican origin, tacos filled with chicken and other items. We tried chicken quesadillas, they tasted like thick grilled paratha layered with shredded chicken, cheese and jalapeno. It was juicy, spicy, substantial filling and was grilled to taste even better at a cost of PKR 349.

Burritoz - Chicken Quesidilaz
Burritoz – Chicken Quesadillas
Chicken Steak Burrito

Burrito had a filling of shredded chicken, sauces- which added cheesy tangy and salty flavour- rice, jalapeno, red beans and vegetables.It felt like an over-stuffed tortilla wrap with delicious sauces and mouth-full bites of rice and beans. If you think this item is similar to shawarma, its not; the ingredients and the wrap taste very different. This burrito costs you PKR 269.

Burritoz - Chicken Steak Burrito
Burritoz – Chicken Steak Burrito
Tex-Mex nachos

This was nachos topped with chicken, beans, jalapeno and cheese and then baked. The overall dish was a bit dry and nachos were burnt on sides, but an addition of salsa sauce would make it a lot better. If you are a spice lover craving for nachos, order it with salsa sauce.For a price of PKR 349 , it is a bit overpriced but economical if compared with prices at other places.

Burritoz - Tex-Mex Nachos
Burritoz – Tex-Mex Nachos
Burritoz - Tex-Mex Nachos
Burritoz – Tex-Mex Nachos

We tried almost all of their sauces, each sauce was served in a small bowl within a cost range of PKR 45-140.

Cheese Sauce: Salty, creamy, a bit tangy and thick would describe it the best.

Guacamole Sauce: This sauce was main attraction mainly because of its rarity, and that it was a pure Mexican sauce in which avocados are mixed with a sour ingredient. This sauce is for those who love a dominant pickle-like flavour added to their meals.

Apart from these sauces, they had sour cream sauce, salsa sauce and mayo garlic sauce with above average taste.

Burritoz - Sauces
Burritoz – Sauces

Service at this place was satisfactory and staff was friendly and cooperative.They accept all kind of cards and offer a 15 percent discount  for LUMS’ students.

Final Verdict

Burritoz is an economical  take-away and delivery spot claiming to offer original Mexican food in Lahore, for an expenditure of PKR 500-700/person. All their items especially the enchilada and sauces are recommended if you are up for a spicy or different than usual food combination.However, if you don’t like innovation in your daily food, this might not be your ideal take-out place.


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