Butlers Cafe - Interior

Butlers Chocolate Cafe










You should visit, because:

  • Comfy Spacious Sitting
  • Stuffed Chicken is a Must Try

Keep in mind these:

  • A bit Pricey

Too Good: Chocolate and Stuffed Chicken

The name, Butlers needs no introduction for their chocolate items especially.Located on MM Alam Road around Royal Kulfi, Butlers offers both indoor and outdoor sittings
The interior is quite plain and simple with comfy and spacious sittings, themed with premium chocolate boxes all around.
Butlers Cafe - Interior
Butlers Cafe – Interior
The menu is mostly coffee and chocolate items but they also offer few starters, pizza, pastas, sandwiches  and some main courses. We tried their very famous stuffed chicken knows as Crumbled Chicken Breast,, Italian Mozzarella Bites, Arrabiata pasta, Butlers Special Pasta and Peach Ice Tea.
Italian Mozzarella bites
The name makes you expect lots of mozzarella but when you order this, you should not. 3 balls of bread crumbs coating  boiled rice with a mild pepper salt taste mixed with mayo garlic and some cheese  can describe this starter perfectly. 425 for these three balls as starter wasn’t justified at all.
Butlers Cafe - Italian Mozzarella Bites
Butlers Cafe – Italian Mozzarella Bites
Crumbled Chicken
Served with fries and vegetables and a chicken breast, this was one of the best items we tried at butlers and explains why it has made people fan of itself. The chicken was covered with a very fresh, perfectly crispy and crunchy thick layer to hide a very well cooked soft chicken which will have  lots of cheese oozing out of it as soon as you strike for your first bite. The perfect crisp and somewhat spicy peppery taste in stuffing made us love this dish. The chicken and crispy layer had a layer of mashed potatoes in between on bottom which didn’t really add much to the dish. This chicken will cost you 695 Rs.
Butlers Cafe - Crumbed Chicken
Butlers Cafe – Crumbed Chicken
Butlers Special Pasta
We bet you wouldn’t find such pasta with such premium taste anywhere, it was definitely special .This white sauce pasta had mushrooms,olives, jalapenos, chicken strips, thick sauce with a heavy creamy mild salty taste and Pine Nuts(chalgozy) on top of it. If you are a creamy pasta fan, this one could be a full heavy meal delight for you. Thi special pasta will cost you 705 Rs
Butlers Cafe - Special Pasta
Butlers Cafe – Special Pasta
Arrabiata Pasta
Red sauce pasta is not made right at a lot of places and sadly this was one of those who would serve you penne pasta with a tomato excessive sweet sauce. Penne was hard and uncooked and there was oil literally layering in bottom of the bowl. For a price of 695, we didn’t find taste of this Pasta upto the mark.
Butlers Cafe - Arrabiata Pasta
Butlers Cafe – Arrabiata Pasta
Peach Ice Tea
The same ice tea with same flavor gives different taste at every eatery, Butlers served us this ice tea with ice rocks. the taste was very artificial but refreshing and sweeter then needed. The price for this ice tea is 310 Rs.
Butlers Cafe - Peach Ice Tea
Butlers Cafe – Peach Ice Tea
The service was incredible, everything got served within minutes and the staff was welcoming as well.
Final Verdict
Butlers Chocolate Cafe is a trusted name for serving best chocolate drinks and other chocolate items since years and no doubt they are one of the best in them, but when it comes to other menu items, they can improve their taste,quantity and quality. Visiting butlers for a full meal can cost you around 900-1100 per person.We highly recommend their stuffed chicken.

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