Cafe Barbera - Interior

Cafe Barbera










You should visit, because:

  • Comfy Spacious Sitting
  • Huge Coffee Options
  • Recommended Arrabiata Pasta
  • Great Service

Keep in mind these:

  • Limited Main Course Variety
  • Less Quantity per Serving
 Come here for Coffee and Pasta

Cafe Barbera is a name familiar to foodies since years. They have made their name for quality and authenticity of dishes they provide. Cafe Barbera is Located on Kasuri Road near Hussain Chowk; Basically a coffee house which claims to be the only provider of original Italian coffee in Pakistan.

The interior was simple and elegant, comfy cafe sitting with ample space around giving privacy to each table.

Cafe Barbera - Interior
Cafe Barbera – Interior
Cafe Barbera - Interior
Cafe Barbera – Interior

Though its a coffee house, they have included few Italian and Mediterranean menu items as well, including pizzas, sandwiches and pastas.We tried their Chili Bean Soup, Penne Arrabiata, Mediterranean Chicken with Spicy Pasta from entrees  and Blue Fantasy from drinks.

Chili Bean Soup
Thin soup with a little bit spicy, slightly tomoto-ey taste with soft boiled beans; this soup tasted way different then routine soups every eatery serves. Perfectly crisped garlic bread complimented its taste really well. This sou will cost you Rs 350 Rs.
Cafe Barbera - Chili Bean Soup
Cafe Barbera – Chili Bean Soup
Penne Arrabiata Pasta
We chose this pasta with red sauce and didn’t regret it at all. The pasta was well cooked, the sauce couldn’t get any more tastier; wasn’t sweet like red sauce of most of other eateries, wasn’t very thin or thick, wasn’t filled with tomato chunks too and gave a smokey, mild tomato-ey spicy taste. This pasta costs you 715 Rs. A little pricey for pasta without chicken and such less quantity.(Yes it didn’t have any chicken!).
Cafe Barbera -Penne Arrabiata Pasta
Cafe Barbera -Penne Arrabiata Pasta
Mediterranean Chicken With Spicy Pasta
This dish was served with mashed potatoes, dry pasta with vegetables and breaded stuffed chicken breasts. Pasta wasn’t spicy as mentioned in description. The chicken was a bit chewy, topped with sauce which was creamy, salty, peppery with herbs, jalapenos and mushrooms. Chicken was stuffed with sauce and the sauce had something extremely bitter which spoiled the taste of this staff recommended main course. This chicken costs you 750 Rs.
Cafe Barbera - Mediterranean Chicken With Spicy Pasta
Cafe Barbera – Mediterranean Chicken With Spicy Pasta
Tropical Blue
This drink costs you 325 for a chilled blueberry-flavored drink which tasted more like  bubble and less like an artificial blueberry flavor added to ice and crushed. Only a few people would like this drink.
Cafe Barbera - Mediterranean Tropical Blue
Cafe Barbera – Mediterranean Tropical Blue
The service at this place was fast, the staff was vigilant and order was served on time.One thing which kept bugging us was their staff stood staring at us and other tables with customers all the time.
Final verdict

Our total bill for all this was around 2500 but due to their anniversary 25% discount it got reduced to around 2000. This place is a must try if you re looking for a nice place to sit and have coffee. They have a very limited menu for main courses but everything does have authentic taste true to its respective cuisine. A proper meal of soup,main course and drink at barbera will cost you 1500+ /person.

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