Cafe Solasta










You should visit, because:

  • Comparatively Economical
  • Live Pizza Bar

Keep in mind these:

  • Slow Service
  • Small Congested Area

This Could Be Your casual dine-out SPOT!

Cafe Solasta is a new addition to eateries of Lahore, located under otus rooftop and Arcadian cafe  in gulberg. Standing next to two big names they have got huge competition to attract people.


The interior is cozy and casual, wooden tables wooden floors, brick walls and quotes all around is all this place has got. The menu was small, not based on any specific cuisine, they dont have any desi dishes though. We ordered their Make your own Pizza, Fettuccine Parmesan,Fettuccine Marinara Tomato Sauce, Mediterranean Chicken, pizza and Grilled Skewered Chicken

Cafe Solasta - Interior
Cafe Solasta – Interior
Cafe Solasta – Interior
Fettuccine Parmesan

Well, if you are finding a creamy royal taste in alfredo and not the bland,heavy,salt n pepper pasta this one is for you. Saucy, creamy, rich and amazing. Its close to what butlers serve as fettucine alfredo and yes, thats a compliment!
Price: 575

`Fettuccine Parmesan - Cafe Solasta
`Fettuccine Parmesan – Cafe Solasta
Fettuccine Marinara Tomato Sauce

This was the most disappointing dish amongst all, the sauce was high on pepper, extra thick with a sweet no-spice taste. We hope they work on it.
Price: 595

Fettuccine Marinara Tomato Sauce  - Cafe Solasta
Fettuccine Marinara Tomato Sauce  – Cafe Solasta
Mediterranean Chicken

A simple chicken chunks with vegetables and rice dish. High on salt, low on taste and pretty normal. You get this kind of dish at every other eatery with a slightly different name. Its a safe choice if you don’t want to risk trying new options
Price: 699

Mediterranean Chicken - Cafe Solasta
Mediterranean Chicken – Cafe Solasta
Grilled Skewered Chicken

This menu item was tasty, had a smoked chicken chunks with hint of bbq and  vegetables on a skew, dipped in a sweetish sauce which made this whole dish different, saucy and good. It came with the rice and is an excellent entree for people who dont love spicy.

Price: 699

Grilled Skewered Chicken - Cafe Solasta
Grilled Skewered Chicken – Cafe Solasta


Make your own Pizza

They have a live pizza parlor and you can customize your toppings from there, we added almost everything on our pizza (except pineapples) and the result was an average pizza. We liked how we could customize and have it made in front of us though.

Price: 899

Pizza - Cafe Solasta
Pizza – Cafe Solasta


The place has overall maintained a nice comfy environment, the service was a bit slow but hey! nothing is perfect, right?

Final Verdict

Solasta is a new restaurant with a comfy casual small area, their menu is limited but turned out to be tasteful overall. This place is great for your small private meetups/events and birthdays. For a per person cost of 800-1000 you can enjoy full meal here.

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