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You should visit, because:

  • Cool and Quiet Interior
  • Tasteful Steaks
  • Ludo available on tables
  • Extremely economical, Discount for Followers of Ottutu

Keep in mind these:

  • Limited menu Variety

One Spot to Relax, Eat and Play

Chai studio is a tea spot cum cafe located on Model Town link road. The name pretty much gives everybody a first impression of what this place would be offering; a place focusing on multiple varieties of tea and a heaven for tea lover. Team ottutu visited this place with the same mindset and here is what here is what happened.

Their entrance / front face is a very small area with some outdoor tables, but inside downstairs is a comparatively huge area keeping you away from all the traffic’s noise. The interior is quite cool. Hand painted artistic walls, dim lights, comfy sitting and ludo on tables makes their place very fun to stay at.
Chai Studio - Interior
Chai Studio – Interior
Chai Studio – Interior
Chai Studio - Interior
Chai Studio – Interior
Chai Studio offers steaks, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, few desi items and obviously 8-10 chai variants. The menu was limited in variety for each category since they have just started their operations, we do hope they will bring more chai varieties justifying their name and catering chai lovers. We tasted their steaks, wrap and wings.
Studio Grilled Buffalo Wings
,m12 Buffalo wings will cost you Rs. 299 at Chai Studio. They wings were served hot and fresh, well marinated with all the spices these wings were giving a very normal spiced juicy, slightly sweetish taste to well cooked wings.
Chai Studio - Studio Grilled Buffalo Wings
Chai Studio – Studio Grilled Buffalo Wings
Spicy Chicken Wrap
This was a chicken wrap filled inside with both minced and shredded chicken, onion jalapeño, olives cooked with lots of salt and spice. This wrap tasted very similar to homemade minced chicken wrapped in a chappati; /*a bit too oily to be called a wrap*/.  At a price of 160, this wrap can be a good solution to your appetite only if you like a juicy minced chicken spicy wrap.
Chai Studio - Spicy Chicken Wrap
Chai Studio – Spicy Chicken Wrap
Studio Special Steak
As per the owner, Their steaks are one of the hottest selling items of the menu. We tried their studio special steak and we couldn’t agree more! The sauce was thick, tangy to levels anybody would love and  bit sweetish. The steak was served in three chicken slices, along with potato wedges and baked potatoes. Chicken itself was thicker then most of other restaurants’ steaks but was a bit too hard. The wedges were not fully cooked. All in all for a price of 575 this steak and its quantity is a combination not to miss.
Chai Studio - Studio Special Steak
Chai Studio – Studio Special Steak
Special Dudh Patti
If you are a dudh patti lover, this chai could be a solution to your sudden chai craving. It was thick and had it creamy bitter taste like good dudh patti chaye should have. This milky thick cup of tea will cost you 150 Rs.
Special Dudh Patti Chai - Chai Studio
Special Dudh Patti Chai – Chai Studio
The service at this eatery was a bit slow and can be improved. Most of the drinks mentioned in menu were not available and have been discontinued which was a disappointment. All prices mentioned in menu were inclusive of all charges.
Final Verdict
Chai Studio Peco Road looks like a very small eatery from front but has a proper sitting area in their basement providing you a quiet peaceful dine-in option in a very rushy location. They have amazingly low prices and you can have a full tasty meal at a price of 500-700 per person including main course, drinks and appetizers. We recommend their steaks.
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Note:  Chai studio also delivers food to your doorstep and offers birthday celebrations as well.

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