Citrico Juice Bar










You should visit, because:

  • Variety in menu
  • Detox Drinks Available

Keep in mind these:

  • Lacks Proper Sitting Area

Drinks With Variety

This juice bar named “CitricO Juice Bar” is a relatively new, small outdor juice bar in Johar Town opposite Shaukat Khanum near Maalga. We were invited by this eatery for tasting and here is what we think about them:

The menu includes huge variety of drinks from Juices, Shakes, Frappuccinos, Iced teas, Iced coffees, Smoothies and most importantly the Detox drinks. They don’t have an indoor sitting area and the outdoor area is really simple.With a petrol pump right next to it, their sitting is probably the biggest negative point they have right now. But the menu has a lot of variety that cannot be ignored.

CitricO - Outdoor Sitting
CitricO – Outdoor Sitting Source: Facebook
Zesty Lemon Apple:

Like the name, this was a magical detox treat. A combination of lemon, apple, mint and cucumber giving you a refreshing feeling afterwards. Dont mix it with any fresh juice’s taste, it tasted similar to soda drinks.. The tanginess with cucumber made this drink refreshing and healthy and a good source to gain all cucumber benefits in a tastier way.The cost is Rs. 265 which seems a bit higher.

Zesty Lemon Apple – Citrico
Mint Lemonade:

This one s from the ‘Refreshing Citrus’ category. It was more or less like a mint margarita with fresh mint and leaves on top. It costs Rs. 155 for regular and Rs. 205 for large and fits perfectly in the range of other margaritas in town. If you often crave for economical mint margaritas, this one should be your go-to choice.

Mint Lemonade – Citrico


Blueberry Lemonade

Blueberry is most people’s favorite. This drink was was mild sweet with a perfect tangy sweetish blueberry taste. It was like a chiller and is good option for hot summer days. The cost again is Rs. 155 for regular and Rs. 205 for large

Blueberry Lemonade – Citrico


Mocha Cookie Crumble:

This shake was a blend of cookie and chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. It looked delicious and tasted more or less like an oreo shake but lacked in thickness to give it that perfect thick texture. It costs Rs. 245 for regular and Rs. 295 for large which is a good sweet treat.

Mocca Cookie Crumble - CitricO
Mocca Cookie Crumble – CitricO

The service was good and timely but this place lacks hygiene and a proper sitting due to their area. They will soon be opening up a dine in place near by as well and we have high hopes from that branch.

Final Verdict
CitricO offers huge variety in fair rates and we loved this place for the detox drinks they are offering. Not having those detox drinks and new combinations would’ve made this place just another juice bar.  For a per-person cost of 200-300 Rs, you can get an amazing variety of drinks. We recommend them for take-aways and hope that they improve their sitting area soon.
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