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All About CokeFest 2018

Coke Festival a.k.a Food Fest has been talk of the town, a heaven for foodies and a healthy break from routine for families.  CokeFest started with a vision of promoting home based food providers and now has become a symbol of entertainment plus food for Lahore. It was a big hit when it happened last time at Royal Palm. (Roads were literally jammed and parking was full because everyone was trying to get in). After doing a round of multiple cities of Pakistan (Multan, Islamabad etc), #CokeFest is back to Lahore again. This time we are sharing some important information before you head over to Coke Fest.

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Below are some thing your must-know for This Year’s Coke Fest

When: 2,3 and 4th February 2018.

Where: Lake City Golf Club

To Pay at Entrance: 400 Rupees/person

How To Get Tickets: Online through Easytickets or at Venue

  • Each ticket is worth 400/person
  • Kids under 5 are free
  • No stags allowed, only females or families can enter cokefest.
  • Wear comfortable shoes since you will be walling a lot.
  • Prefer morning timings to avoid long lines at entrance.
  • Take your water bottles and tissues with you.
  • Wear something warm since the venue is open air.
  • The timings for all days are from 12 PM to 10 Pm.
  • More Than 100 Stalls will be there to surprise your taste-buds

The singers/entertainers/bands arrived around 8,9PM in last cokefest so hopefully same will happen this time. Singers/Bands performing this time are:

  • Strings (Performing on Sunday)
  • Aima Baig (Performing on Saturday)
  • Malkoo  (Performing on Friday)
  • Sahara-UK (Performing on Saturday)
  • Abrar-Ul-Haq  (Performing on Friday)
  • Quadrum (Performing on Saturday)
  • QB (Quratulain Baloch)  (Performing on Sunday)
  • Horeya Asmat  (Performing on Sunday)
  • Sahir Ali Bagga  (Performing on Sunday)
  • Ali Sethi  (Performing on Saturdy)
CokeFest 2018 - Performers
CokeFest 2018 – Performers
CokeFest 2018 - Performers
CokeFest 2018 – Performers
CokeFest 2018 - Performers
CokeFest 2018 – Performers
Whats New This Time?
  • The Venue is bigger! – For obvious reasons, Lahore is the city where people love food and the last venue wasn’t enough to cater everybody.
  • You can see the FIFA trophy live at Coke Fest! – This is something never happened before in Pakistan, Coca Cola is bringing REAL FIFA TROPHY to Pakistan! So all the football fans have something extra to enjoy this time!
  • Laser Show – Something you wouldn’t witness at most public festivals, a show with laser lights to entertain everybody.
CokeFest 2018 - Laser Show
CokeFest 2018 – Laser Show

This feature is being updated continuously and we will soon add must-eat options of this festival too. Keep coming here and share your Facebook/Instagram posts of CokeFest with Hashtag #CokeFestWithOttutu to get featured on our Social Media. 

Here is a list of Stalls we didnt try this time but we are sure you will love them:

  • Pop Nosh for their exciting popcorns
  • YGKH for their Hareesa
  • Naan Kebab for naan kebab 
  • Arif Chatkhara for the tawa piece 
  • Churro churros for fresh churos

We tried out some items and here is what we think about them:

Stall: Wok This Way
Chowmein/Rice with Chicken gravy gave the perfect flavor of Chinese. The chowmein was with minimal spice level and gravy was with Manchurian sauces flavored. Less in Quantity.
Price: Rs. 300
Coke Fest Stalls
Coke Fest Stalls
Stall: Skheikoo Tandoors
Naan: The aloo wala naan from Skheikoo Tandoors was tasty with the accurate amount of spicy flavor and crispy crust.
Coke Fest Stalls
Coke Fest Stalls
Stall: Delish Pizza Bar
Sicilian pizza slice with thin crush and lots of cheese with olives on top was a delight for pizza lovers. Overpriced
Price: 200
Coke Fest Stalls
Coke Fest Stall
Stall: With Love From Mom 
Drums sticks were homemade with rights amount of crunch and spice level.
Price: 5 for 300.
Coke Fest Stalls
Coke Fest Stalls
Stall: Tastilicious
Fries: Fresh bbq fries with mustard dip gives the perfect taste to your taste buds. They were from Tastlicious stall which offers you  variety of different fries, shawarma as well as dessert like cupcakes, cookies and brownies etc.
Coke Fest Stalls
Coke Fest Stalls

Want to know something more About Coke Festival? Tell us in comments

Happy Eating!

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