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Making Pizzas The Way They Are Supposed To Be Made

The name explains their main serving item, pizza. Delizza is a new fast food take-away spot in DHA K block, the first look of this place might not give you an idea of what this place holds in. They focus on redefining deep pan pizzas and claim making the perfect crust for pizzas. Its a small place, with a small waiting area for take away orders and a kitchen behind it which you can visit any time.

The menu has got pizzas, a pasta, and oven baked wings and sandwiches for diet conscious people. They have their own version of tortilla wraps and they call them spin rolls which comes recommended by their chef.


Here is what we tried and was it worth it? read ahead

Spin Rolls

A fun and yum combination of Tortilla wrap with lots of cheese, vegies and Chicken chunks inside making it a desi yet perfectly capable of being your favorite snack. 4 2-bite sized spin rolls cost you 280 Rs.

Delizza Spin Rolls
Delizza Spin Rolls
Oven Baked Wings

These wings were baked, well made, had a mild spicy taste, were less oily and not crispy since they were baked. It came with two dips, delizza special was tangy and had a kick of desi achari taste in it. The mayo sauce had a garlic-ey taste better than the usual mayo-garlic dip.

A good serving of 10 wings cost you 320 Rs.

Delizza - Oven Baked Wings
Delizza – Oven Baked Wings
The Pizzas!

Coming to their main suit, pizzas and the vision behind delizza, they aim on making deep pan crust completely cooked, airy and soft! We tasted their pizza and it definitely holds true for them, the crust and whole pizza was all fluffy and airy, They are not just another pizza parlor with average pizzas for sure.

Mayo Pizza

Similar to somewhat a ranch pizza, this was a delicious, light and tasteful. The mayo sauce on top, very well marinated and spicy chicken chunks which tasted different than other usual chinks you find at every other pizza parlor alongwith olives, onions and mushrooms made this a good saucy and creamy mild pizza you all would love!

Delizza - Mayo Pizza (M)
Delizza – Mayo Pizza (M)
Delizza Special

A bit heavier on stomach than the mayo pizza, recommended especially for those who like a desi tangy twist in their pizza coz this one was topped with their special sauce which had a tangy spicy kick. Other than that this pizza had corns, mushrooms, olives, sausages and same juicy spicy chunks. Quiet loaded, cheesy and desi.

Their pizzas cost around Rs. 250 for 7″ (Small), Rs.640 for 10″ (medium) and Rs.990 for  13″ (Large) pizzas

Delizza - Special Pizza
Delizza – Special Pizza
Final Verdict

The place is a hidden treasure for pizza lovers, economical and amazing in taste! We hope they continue this taste and quality and expand soon! You can enjoy a good meal from this place in less than 300 Rs. 

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