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You should visit, because:

  • Diverse Food
  • A Different Theme for Lahore to Enjoy

Keep in mind these:

  • Slow Service
  • Average Taste
  • Expensive

Food From The Shores

Location: Dha Phase 5 Lahore
Timings: 12:30PM – 04:00 Lunch  07:30PM – 11:45PM Dinner

Lahore now has a Dock, without even being slightly near to a shore. Dock27 is a new nautical (sailor) themed fine dine bistro and restaurant. Unlike almost all eateries, they have a story associated with the name and why the restaurant is made the way it is now. As per the story, the captain of great ship has dropped the anchor in Lahore at Dock 27 after being the witness of multiple cuisines, cultures and tastes at vintage metal and timber made bistro’s near waters around the world and Dock 27 is output of their passion of bringing their experience of culinary, hospitality, dance and music in Lahore.  We would say they were successful in bringing the dock/ship feels to Lahore. The wooden floors, chained staircase, dim yellow lights, rustic furniture, even the servers dressing, everything was in perfect sync with the theme. Bonus, you will get to see paintings of tango, salsa & much more by artists Hamesh Blakely & Fabian Perez


Dock 27 - InteriorDock 27 - InteriorDock 27 - InteriorDock 27 - InteriorDock 27 - InteriorDock 27 - InteriorDock 27 - InteriorDock 27 - Interior

The menu is diverse and eclectic! Going with the story and the owner’s inspiration, they have brought dishes from multiple cuisines to one place, inspired by multiple restaurants worldwide operating near shores to be precise. Each dish is inspired from a specific restaurant from a piece of world, so you can read and finalize the dish which suits your area of preferences Though reading a long story for every dish is a bit annoying.


Texas Cheese Poppers

We expected normal crispy out, oozing stringy cheese inside balls, but these were different.  Relating back to a Texas bar in Amsterdam Port, these were 5 small cheese balls crispy out with semi solid cheese inside, a bit high on spice level unlike most cheese appetizers and served with a red spice sauce to compliment. A bit too expensive for the price they charged for it but we liked their different take at cheese balls.
Cost: 675 Rs.

Dock 27 - Texas Cheese Poppers
Dock 27 – Texas Cheese Poppers
Ebi Kabucha Tempura

If you are used to of golden fried prawns with a mild but prominent taste in them, these ain’t for you. Inspired by Prawn tempura from a Mumbai Marine Drive Cafe, These were slightly gold, mild crispy and almost bland prawns. One who loves prawns in their true essence might enjoy it, though you can add spice level of your choice with the spicy Tentsuyu Japanese sauce provided with it.
Cost: 1085 Rs. 

Dock 27 - Ebi Kabocha Tempura
Dock 27 – Ebi Kabocha Tempura

Main Course

Dual Deck Poulet Steak

Inspired from Grilled Chicken of Marseilles France, Two grilled chicken fillets, tender and well made with a spicy sauce served with corn salad, potato and some extra dip. The huge potato chunks were hard and definitely not pleasing when you try them. The sauce was spicy (red chili kind of spicy) but the spices were not well blended. The chicken was extra tender. To add, they had a vol-au-vent in the plate too;  A french snack made with puff pastry and filled with a savory mixture in the middle. The plate, overall was a bit too crowded and the main item of the dish – the chicken fillets was lost in all these sides.
Cost: 1295 Rs.

Dock 27 - Dual Deck Poulet Steak
Dock 27 – Dual Deck Poulet Steak


Crème brûlée

Not a lot of eateries do creme brulee in its finest form with the same delicate taste it deserves. We tried this delight at Dock 27, the crunchy bitter and sweet caramelized top with thick and soft mild sweet custard was done just right. Though a bit overpriced but we liked the taste.
Cost: 675 Rs.

Doc 27 - Creme Brulee
Doc 27 – Creme Brulee

The service was slow, the staff was a bit confused but friendly and welcoming.

Final Verdict

The Place is expensive, but they do have things that set them apart from all other places in Lahore, the menu is truly inspired from restaurants near waters all around the world and definitely holds true to restaurant’s vision of diverse food, the ambiance and interior is well synced with the theme and pretty different too. The taste however can be improved. You can enjoy a meal of main course and drink in 1500 + Tax

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