Eataly Ristorante










You should visit, because:

  • Both Indoor and Outdoor Sitting
  • Good Taste

Keep in mind these:

  • Congested Space
  • Pricey

Small Place, Bigger Taste

Eataly Ristorante opened in late 2017 in Gulberg,Lahore and has been making waves since then. Its located next to Bamboo Union and Cafe Beirut near Mall-One, our modern food street and is right now only Ristorante (Restaurant in English) offering pure Italian cuisine. The name makes the menu variety pretty obvious too.

A huge classy door welcomes you inside into a small, congested but beautifully designed place. Comfy sofas run along the vintage walls, the indoor sitting is a bit too congested but overall the place has got a nice feel in it. Eataly offers outdoor sitting too.

Eataly Interior Source: Faceboo
Eataly Interior
Eataly Outdoor
Eataly Outdoor
The menu has a few chicken and  beef entrees, pizza,special  pastas and ravioli you wouldn’t find anywhere else and burgers. The menu variety is not huge but not very less either. We ordered their Stuffed Chills, Spicy Slaw Burger, Chicken ravioli with Apple Peach Mojito.
Stuffed Chilies
If you are a fan of nandos/galitos peri bites, this will be a disappointment for you. The stuffing had chicken chunks and sauce but none was tasteful. It was just a bland mild salty stuffing. These chilies would cost you 350 Rs
Eataly - Stuffed Chilis
Eataly – Stuffed Chilis
Spicy Slaw Burger
This burger was amazing! Juicy and crisp to perfection and not like those zinger burgers you get at every fast food chain. The spicy fresh n crispy coating over chicken filletwas the best part of it and this burger was just too good combined with the two sauces (Mayo Garlic and Sriarcha)  tender chicken and slaw inside it. The spice level was however mild and should have been spicier to justify its name.
For a price of 870, this burger and fries is a bit expensive and smaller in quantity but we loved the taste
EatSpicy Slaw Burger
Spicy Slaw Burger
Chicken Ravioli
Raviolis are  traditional Italian food, its basically pasta dough wrapped around any filling and served in soup or sauce. We tried chicken Ravioli for the first time, it was like minced chicken filled in a roll made with pasta dough. The filling of buttery minced chicken was tangy and didn’t go well with ravioli. The sauce was creamy and tasted perfect though. One serving of ravioli would cost you 620 Rs.
Eataly - Chicken Ravioli
Eataly – Chicken Ravioli
Apple Peach Mojito
This drink looked pretty nice, costed pretty nice too but the taste wasn’t really good. It missed the necessary freshness kick of mojito and apple. Price: 350 Rs
Eataly - Apple Peach Mojito
Eataly – Apple Peach Mojito
The service at this place was great, no delays and order was served in time.
Final Verdict
Eataly Ristorante is a small congested place focusing on Italian cuisine, we liked the taste and authenticity they are adding to the food industry and its a must try if you don’t mind paying 900-1100 per person for a main course and drink.

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