You should visit, because:

  • Play Area For Kids
  • Great Ambiance
  • Huge Menu

Keep in mind these:

  • You Might Not Get The Same Old Freddys Taste

Old is Gold, Is It?

Freddys needs no introduction, Serving since 18 years they have made their reputation to favor “old is gold” saying. An unsaid ‘Safe‘ Dine Out option and choice of everyone who doesn’t want to experiment with their meals. 
But was their food as good as it used to be? Have they maintained their image of ‘ Freddys Never Disappoints’?
Read till end!

The place covers area enough to house 100 people, spacious and comfy. A plus point for this place is they have a small play area with token  games too, and each ride there costs you a 10 Rupee coin. So your kids will be busy when you eat in peace.

The menu was signature newspaper styled, offered huge variety from Afghani cuisine to burgers, sandwiches, seafood, steaks, beef, lamb etc. We visited Freddys as part of FnF’s MEW Program, and tried multiple items, how were thy? Read below!  

Fajita Nachos

Very few in Lahore serve real nachos in the name of nachos, rest just go with fried paapri. Freddys is one of those serving the real ones.  Some 5-6 big nacho chips were served loaded with vegetables, chicken chunks, salsa sauce under a layer of cheese. A bit too crowded with vegetables and a taste a bit too desi but delivered the purpose of perfect juicy cheesy, well spiced starter.
Cost: 645 Rs. 

Freddys - Fajita Nachos
Freddys – Fajita Nachos
Chicken Herb Tempura

This dish will take your attention as soon as it arrives, some fried  chicken strips resting on side of a beautiful swan shaped container which had salsa sauce in it. But.. the taste didn’t meet the exceptional presentation it had. The chicken strips were literally tasteless, the coating was separated from the chicken, the chicken strips lacked any prominent taste. 
Not recommended. 
Cost: 635 Rs.

Freddys - Chicken Herb Tempura
Freddys – Chicken Herb Tempura
Pollo Loco 

Tender grilled chicken breasts, juicy, well spiced and topped with lots of melted cheese. The menu recommended this dish for spice lovers but the spice level was just too mild, probably a kick of hot sauce in one or two bites, nothing more than that. Served with boiled vegetables and brown rice which had a dominating butter taste in them. 
Cost: 1065 Rs. 

Freddys - Pollo Loco
Freddys – Pollo Loco
Oreo Chocolate Eclairs

The name was appealing, the dessert itself? not so much! Oreo was only in the name, nowhere else to be found. The eclairs ( chocolate sponge cake in long strip shape) was a bit too soggy and bitter. The strawberry sauce filling inside along with cream was definitely a pleasar though.
Cost: 350 Rs. Reasonably Priced

Freddys - Oreo Chocolate Eclairs
Freddys – Oreo Chocolate Eclairs
Panna Cotta 

A Classic Italian dessert, not available easily  in Lahore. This dessert was simple, elegant and the taste  aligned with its simplicity too. Light, fluffy and mild sweet.  Topped with berry sauce to add a much needed sweet tangy kick. 
Cost: 375 Reasonably Priced

Freddys - Pana Cotta
Freddys – Pana Cotta

The service was satisfactory, orders were delivered right on time and piping hot!

Final Verdict

If you are expecting the same old never-disappointing freddys, you are expecting a bit too much. Same old amazing ambiance and service, but the taste was average, though they get full credits for maintaining authenticity and originality in their dishes.You can enjoy a sophisticated meal including main course  and a drink here on a cost of  1500/person

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