Grill House










You should visit, because:

  • Peaceful environment
  • Tasty food
  • Timely service

Keep in mind these:

  • Not so Fancy Interior


Grill House, located in Y-Block DHA, has a 90’s bar-cum-restaurant kind of look on the inside and that why it seems like a set from an old Hollywood movie.A way too good interior with dim lights and soft music provides a calm environment to sit and enjoy a meal.

Grill House – Interior

Coming to the menu, It offers you a wide range of Grilled Chicken dishes, Pastas, Steaks and Continental cuisine as well. We ordered different flavors of Chicken steaks for they have a lot of variety there.

Grilled Mushroom Chicken

Of all the steaks that we ordered, this one was the best. Medium-well chicken covered in finely blended white sauce and mushroom topping on it, was a delight to the taste buds . Side lines had the options of fries, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes served with vegetables. It was priced at PKR 945.


Grill House – Mushroom Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

For desi lovers, this local flavor would be a total pleasure. It tasted like a roasted mild-spicy chicken with no extra sauce on it. Again the side lines had the options of fries, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes served with vegetables. It was a deal for PKR 965.

Grill House – Tandoori Chicken

Spicy Mexican Chicken

As ‘Mexican’ says, it was a well-done chicken with a lot of beans, avocados, olives, tomatoes, onions and chili peppers on it. If you’re not a spice lover then this is not a good-to-go dish for you as the spice level was a little high. The side lines were according to one’s liking. The cost was PKR 945.

Grill House – Spicy Mexican Chicken

Hawaiian Chicken

Hawaiian, relating to Hawaii, is a perfect mix of sweet and savory chicken.It was medium-grilled with a well-blended white sauce, hence making it a light-on-the-stomach meal. It comes with vegetables and usual side line options at a cost of PKR 965.

Grill House – Hawaiian Chicken

Molten Lave Cake

As there is always room for the dessert. The molten lava cake looked finger-licking delicious. A little less sugary than required but it satisfied our dessert craving at a cost of PKR 510.

Grill House – Molten Lava Cake


Final Verdict

Grill House is a great place to enjoy a variety of steaks with a peaceful environment, timely service and an expenditure of PKR 1000-1200/person, although it is a bit expensive but the taste is the perfect compensation for that.

Do you think we did justice to this place? Leave your opinions in the comment below! For more reviews on your favorites, visit us here

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