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Coke Food Festival ’17 Guide

Food festivals have recently become a trend for Lahore especially because of our craze towards almost every kind of food. This November 2017,  Coke food festival again stepped up to give lahories an extra treat of a Music and Food fusion

Some of keypoints of this festival are:

  • For a pass of 300/person  per day you get to visit 80+ food stalls
  • Free for kids under 5
  • Every food item was under 400 Rupees.
  • All three days have concerts in evening

The stall count was huge, more dominated by Desi food talls, Homebased food suppliers and dessert stalls. We visited almost all the food stalls, tried almost every item and compiled a list of must haves at this festival for you!

Desi Tarka

This stall was the most happening stall of festival and we mean it! They were serving Daal Chawal at 180 Rs alongwith shaami, Achaar and Raita. Zeery waly chawal and option of Kaali/Peeli Daal with their special tarka of Desi Ghee and add-on spices doesn’t sound exciting as it actually was, the daal tasted surprisingly perfect, different, desi and good. We tasted their sont patashy, which was big boiled chanas and paaperi with Chatpata chatni’s and masaly. One plate of this Sont Patashy will cost you 100 Rs. We can easily call them “SuperStars of CokeFest” for the innovation and taste 

Coke Food Festival - Desi Tarka
Coke Food Festival – Desi Tarka
Coke Food Festival - Desi Tarka
Coke Food Festival – Desi Tarka
Ghoomo Phiro

They were probably the most colorful stall at festival, having menu made from specialties of most of regions of Pakistan.We tried their Kuna (Speciality from Chiniot, Saag(to represent Punjab) and Gulab Jamun(from Sharakpur). Kuna and Gulab Jamun were worth trying. Gulab Jamun were 6 for 150 and all  main courses were 350 each plate.

Coke Food Festival -Ghoomo Phiro
Coke Food Festival -Ghoomo Phiro
Haleem Kinara

Haleem kinara is a homebased initiative by very the humble Arshad Sb. He only served Haleem (Both Chicken and Beef) and out of all stalls of Haleem this was the best one Perfectly warm, thick, tasteful and so delicious that we couldn’t find any reason to resist this option. One mall bowl alongwith naan will cost you Rs. 250

Coke Food Festival - Haleem Kinara
Coke Food Festival – Haleem Kinara
Wing it

Wing It was serving Wings (boneless and with bones too) at price of 4 wings at 100 Rupees, boneless for 150 Rs. We tried their Thai Chili, Honey Mustard and BBQ wings and fell in love with each one of these. BBQ wings had a very strong BBQ sauce taste but was tasty anyway. Thai Chili wings were spicy and sweetish and a must have for those who like spice level high in their food.

Coke Food Festival - Wing It
Coke Food Festival – Wing It
Boba Tea

If you have never tried Boba Tea, you should at Coke Fest. One small glass costs you Rs. 200 and they have a long list of flavors with milk and without milk. Boba tea is actually cold,flavored tea with small flavor filled bubble inside it which will burst into your mouth when you drink it.  Amazing, no?

Coke Food Festival - Boba Tea
Coke Food Festival – Boba Tea


Emaan Foods and Arif Chatkhara

If you are looking for best BBQ at Coke Fest, go for Emaan Foods. Juicy, fresh, tasty with perfect BBQ-ey smell, their chicken boti will cost you Rs. 350 for 12 pieces. If you are looking for best Tawa Piece, go for Arif Chatkhara. They are serving One Tawa Pice with Naan at Rs 350.

Coke Food Festival - Emaan Foods
Coke Food Festival – Emaan Foods
Wacky Waffles and The Bubble Waffles

Love waffles? These two are your go-to stalls. Wacky waffles is serving Warm, soft and fresh made waffle popsicle which is actually a quarter of complete waffle topped with chocolate, maple syrup sprinkles and cream.This quarter waffle popsicle will cost you 100rs.
If you are looking for a heavier, more fancy waffle you should go to Bubble waffles to get a 400 Rs. complete waffle with an icecream scope and multiple flavors/toppings of your choice.

Coke Food Festival - Wacky Waffles
Coke Food Festival – Wacky Waffles


Daily Deli & Co.

Daily deli was serving sliders(mini burgers) at a price of Rs. 170. We tried their 10G Jalapeno, though these were mini burgers, they were not missing on anything. The taste was perfect, jalapenos, tomatoes, cheese and freshly made tasteful patty has made us recommend you these sliders.

Coke Food Festival - Daily Deli Co.
Coke Food Festival – Daily Deli Co.

Visit Chinatown for their soup and Chowmein, since they are serving the best one out of all soup serving stalls. One soup bowl will cost you 140 Rs.

Coke Food Festival - Chinatown
Coke Food Festival – Chinatown
Rice bowl

Rice Bowl is serving Combo at 400 Rs. Combo includes Rice with their available entrees. We tried their egg fried rice with Sweet n Sour Chicken and it was really worth it. The gravy in chicken was spicy, it should’ve been since they used Chili flakes for it and it was perfectly sweet because of the pineapple chunks. All in all, a bit pricey but good option to eat among all Chinese cuisine stalls.

Coke Food Festival - The Rice Bowl
Coke Food Festival – The Rice Bowl
Myne’s Cakery

This homebased cake-shop had their cheese cake selling like they were free. We tested this chocolate Popsicle and we can see why the stall was overcrowded.This popsicle was sweet, covered with hard chocolate outside and soft sponge brownie inside. It tasted more better then it looked!

Coke Food Festival -Myne' Bakery Stall
Coke Food Festival -Myne’ Bakery Stall
Red Door

Red Door is a homebased initiative and was serving everything at 150 Rs and items included Paapri Chaat and similar things.  We tried their Paapri Chaat and became a fan of their presentation! They served chaat (which was mostly potatoes) on proper whole paaper. They also have banana breads at 20Rs/slice and they are amazingly soft and tasty,

Coke Food Festival Red Door
Coke Food Festival Red Door
YGKH – Yeh Ghar Ka Hai

This homebased food service had multiple desi dishes at their very hospitable stall, we tried their hareesa and it tasted like a normal fresh hareesa should taste. One serving of hareesa will cost you Rs. 400.

Coke Food Festival - YGKH
Coke Food Festival – YGKH


Above were all the must-haves we could shortlist for you guys but there were a couple of more things which we didn’t try and would want you to try it and tell us about them. Johny and jugnu’s cotton candy, Chaaye by Chaaye Kada, Sandwiches from Jade, Chapli Kabab from Qabail, Mini Pancakes and Churos from Churo Churo looked really appetizing and you all should try them.

All in all, this food festival was an event which had everything for everyone, fun spots for kids, food for foodies and most importantly exposure for homebased food provides. We loved it but desserts and desi food dominated this festival and we would love to see more cuisines in the next one.

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