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You should visit, because:

  • Good Taste
  • Simple Interior

Keep in mind these:

  • A bit Pricey
illy is a world renowned coffee chain named after its founder Francesco Illy and has recently opened up in Lahore, Pakistan opposite dominos MM Alam road. Being  a coffee brand their main focus and theme revolves around roasted coffees.
The interior was very light classy with no specific theme, the area they cover is huge and sitting is comfy and spacious too.
illy - Interior
illy – Interior
The menu had common cafe entrees, pasta sandwiches, pizzas and more. We ordered their soup of the day, Penne Arrabita pasta and Mexican Grilled Chicken Panini.
Soup Of The Day – Chicken Corn Soup
The soup was served in a huge bowl, more than enough for one person. Unlike all other eateries this soup didn’t taste like plain stock with spices and corns.This one actually had a peculiar chicken- cube-like  taste, though the salt was excessive but crushed corns, vegetables and perfectly thin texture  made it better than any other chicken corn soup we have had so far.
Price: 295
illy - Chicken Corn Soup
illy – Chicken Corn Soup
Penne Arrabiata
If your hunt for best authentic arrabiata pasta is not over yet, we have found your perfect ending.  Smokey grilled chicken, Perfectly spiced, Perfectly cooked, and just right in quantity would describe this pasta the best.
The sauce didn’t taste like ketchup at all(thank God!) and was spicy doing justice to arrabiata sauce , for a price of 525 Rs. this dish was perfect.
illy - Penne Arrabiata
illy – Penne Arrabiata
Mexican Chicken & Cheese Panini
This panini was somewhat a disappointment, it was juicy, filled with olives, mushrooms, chicken, lettuce and jalapenos but was kind of bland. It didn’t justify “Mexican” in its name since only spice in it was due to jalapenos. This definitely is a good choice for a mild spiced panini lovers though.
Price: 575 Rs.
illy - Mexican Chicken & Cheese Panini
illy – Mexican Chicken & Cheese Panini
The service was great, everything got served in time.
Final Verdict
Illy is a great new addition to Lahore eateries serving tasteful food at right amount, we loved their taste,ambiance and how spacious their place is. For a per-person cost of 700-800 Rs., this place is a nice eat-out option.
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