Khan Baba Restaurant

Khan Baba Restaurant










You should visit, because:

  • Food Prepared in Desi Ghee
  • Quality Food
  • Good Taste

Keep in mind these:

  • Expensive

The Desi Food Experience You Would Want To Have!

This place is different. For being simple and yet staying on top of their game.Every menu item cooked in their own-prepared desi ghee,no compromise on quality and a maintained taste since years has made this place stand out from others.
Located in Chuburji,Lower Mall and just got renovated to a better and more appealing environment.They have a family dining hall too, pretty spacious, well lit and air conditioned with comfy sitting.

The menu is not huge but is an all-rounder, contains desi items from Daal, karely, to mutton and Fish.No beef.The menu was Kind of a show of their focus towards quality and taste than quantity too. When planning to visit this place, keep in mind that they often get sold out on their items so make sure to give them a call to check or pre-order.

We, a team of MEW Members from FnF Group went there as part of our regular review sessions.Here is what we all had to tell you how it tasted! 🙂

Mutton Keema Naan
The first time I heard about this place was when their mutton qeema naan were being praised for being the best in Lahore. So I was automatically looking forward to try them out. Super generous on filling, the meat was stuffed all around naan as well, crisp outside and the minced meat was well cooked and had a very spicy kick to it. Those who like it spicy and filling, this is your pick.
Cost: 650 Rs.

Mutton Keema Naan  - Khan Baba
Mutton Keema Naan – Khan Baba

Daal Channa
You would be surprised but this daal had the most royal taste of all the items that were served. Pretty different than usual daal we eat, grainy thick texture but well blended, not bland or overdone with artificial chicken flavour and had a spicy well needed flavour to it.
The tarka of desi ghee was complimenting its spicy flavour.
Cost: 600 Rs.

Daal Channa -Khan Baba
Daal Channa -Khan Baba

Desi Ghee Paratha

Have Daal Channa with their special Desi Ghee Paratha which needs to be appreciated separately for its layers, thickness, crisp factor and a pleasing essence of desi ghee.
Cost: 200 Rs

Desi Ghee Paratha - Khan Baba
Desi Ghee Paratha – Khan Baba

Desi Chicken Karahi
You take a bite of it, it tastes sweet in the beginning but then its a burst of flavours. Literally. Full on being tasteful, super rich with flavours, it was spicy, had a kick of pepper too and the chicken was well cooked and soft too. Though this was desi chicken made in desi ghee,  the dish had no smell or heavy-after meal feel.
Unusual of me but i actually had this gravy with spoons. This one is a must try!
Cost: 1300 Rs Half  2600 Rs Full

Desi Chicken Karahi - Khan Baba
Desi Chicken Karahi – Khan Baba

Mutton Chops
These were bbq-ed and well cooked mutton chops with a pleasant smoke-y essence, the marinade stole the show in this one. Spicy,  but with a balanced flavour base, this marinade was kind of perfect for a mutton chop to complement its meat.
Cost: 600 Rs

BBQ Mutton Chops - Khan Baba
BBQ Mutton Chops – Khan Baba

Desi Chicken Roast 
Mild in flavour, this chicken piece wasn’t chewy or dry inside but juicy.The essence of desi-ghee in this item pretty much dominated all of its taste unlike other dishes.

Desi Chicken Roast - Khan Baba
Desi Chicken Roast – Khan Baba

The service at the place was just fine. No delays.

The final verdict
Finding desi food with rich flavours and a proper family sitting is pretty difficult, and this place is a complete package for that matter.Every menu item we tried had its own presence, nothing tasted off or undone or overcooked and the fact that all items were prepared in desi ghee added more to the flavours. So when they say ‘Ye khaana kuch khas hai‘(This meal is special) in their tagline, they deliver it too.
The pricing window is for sure towards the upper end, but if you are a true desi food lover, who wouldn’t want to compromise on quality or taste, this will be worth it for you.

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