Laung Lachi

Laung Laachi










You should visit, because:

  • Outdoor Casual Sitting
  • Economical

Keep in mind these:

  • Slow Service

Your Casual Hangout Spot

Interesting name, eh? Laung laachi is a new chaaye spot for all “squads” out there. It perfectly fits into the idea of “Spot” which comes into your mind when you just want to meet your friends and talk for hours with continuous chaaye/coffee supply and snacks. Laung laachi is open air, big but very casual space in Johar Town next to Chaudhary ice-cream, you will remember this place for its walls. Literally. The graffiti on the walls is super cool.

Laung Laachi – Sitting
Laung Laachi - Sitting
Laung Laachi – Sitting

Coming to the menu, its weirdly attractive, The names would make you want to read the whole menu even when you know your order. They have chaaye, sandwiches, steaks, burgers drinks, qahwa and… parathy!!! All priced around 400 Rs.  We are impressed.

Laung Laachi - Menu
Laung Laachi – Menu
Sakht Chaaye

The name and taste both aligned perfectly. This chaaye dose was strong and enough in quantity. Though this wasn’t the best karak chaaye but with the ambiance, it is a pretty good deal in 99 Rs.


Laung Laachi Chaaye

 This hot, fresh and specially rich laachi tasted mug of tea is perfect for a cold weather, outdoor seating with slow sips of your favorite chaye! Cost: 150 Rs

Laung Lachi – Chaaye


Lean Sandwich

An alert for all the diet conscious people, the lean sandwich has low fat cheese and can be served in brown bread. It was a little bland with medium grilled chicken with no spices. Avocado, lettuce and rich mayo sauce made it the perfect juicy, light and healthy to eat.

Cost: 350 Rs.

Laung Lachi - Lean Sandwich
Laung Lachi – Lean Sandwich


The service is a bit slow, they can definitely work on that.

Final Verdict:

The place has left us impressed for its seating and casual ambiance. Whole menu is priced under 400 Rs. and you can have a full meal here in 500 Rs. easily! Recommended for students and friends groups wanting to catch-up over chaaye for long hours!

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