You should visit, because:

  • Amazing Ambiance

Keep in mind these:

  • Expensive
French Heaven
Maribelle is a new elegantly styled addition to Lahore’s restaurants. You enter in this place to find a cute, stylish, kind-of royal,french and dreamy place you see in films. The place is big,comfy and not congested at all. They have maintained a very light, soothing kind of tone with everything inside the place to give you a calm happy experience. Full marks for ambiance and interior!


Maribelle Interior
Maribelle Interior
Maribelle - Interior
Maribelle – Interior
The menu was complete enough to enjoy a three course meal, they had pasta, brick oven pizza, soups, burgers and other main courses. We ordered their Chicken Jalapeno Pizza, Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta along with Ginger Mint Lemonade.
Chicken Jalapeno Pizza
We have always been afraid of thin crust pizzas, because most of the places serve them very average. Either its too thin like a chip or too crispy to even bite. but this one was in its true sense a good fresh thin crust pizza. Served hot, thin but not too much and crisp to perfection, the cheese, tomatoes capsicum and chicken combined to make it a juicy yumm pizza worth every bite.
Price: 990 Rs. A bit Overpriced 
Maribelle - Chicken Jalapeno Pizza
Maribelle – Chicken Jalapeno Pizza
Parmesan Crusted Chicken
The presentation was a bit boring, looked like a simple chicken fillet but tasted much more than that. The fillets were crisp but moist, had a very mild spiced extremely cheesy taste.
Price: 810 Rs.
Meribelle - Parmesan Chicken
MAribelle – Parmesan Chicken
Penne Alfredo Pasta
Lacked sauce, the pasta was a bit harder than usual but the taste was better than most of the places. It was creamy, had a hint of peppery spicy flavor, good in quantity and one could say it was a bit closer to the one served at Butlers.
Price: 750 Rs. 
Maribelle - Penne Alfredo Pasta
Maribelle – Penne Alfredo Pasta
The service was spot on, the ambiance was amazing.


Final Verdict

Maribelle is an elegant spot which would give you an amazing dine-in experience with good taste and variety too. The place is expensive but you wouldn’t find such calm and decent ambiance anywhere else in Lahore. Per person cost for a main course would be around 1000-1200 Rs at Maribelle.

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