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Heaven of Cheese

The name is the major attraction which forced us to visit this place!  Located on first floor near Hussain Chowk, this place has an interior super lively and colorful. The place cannot house more than 30-40 people but is super spacious and would definitely give you happy vibes.

Meat The Cheese - Interior
Meat The Cheese – Interior
Meat The Cheese - Interior
Meat The Cheese – Interior
Meat The Cheese - Interior
Meat The Cheese – Interior

The menu has a few of everything,pizza, burgers, panini, wraps, pastas, steaks and chicken entrees. We tried their “Our deep fried pride” and “Cheese Mushroom Fries”. While waiting for your food you can literally read their menu and enjoy the fun names they have given to their dishes.

The order was served reasonably fast even though the place was fully booked!

Our Deep Fried Pride

The moment this was served we were drooling over it, LITERALLY. This was chicken fillet; deep fried and stuffed, dipped and surrounded by sea of cheese sauce in a plate.This beauty surely didn’t disappoint. Why? because cheese.

The fillet was stuffed with cheese, tasted mild and was crispy outside but being in the cheese sauce obviously couldn’t keep it crispy for long. The cheese sauce had a saltish, creamy milky taste. All in all, this was a filling mild entree with no taste other than cheese. Try this only if you are a hard core cheesy entree fan.

Costs: 965 Rs. 

Our Deep Fried Pride - Meat The Cheese
Our Deep Fried Pride – Meat The Cheese
Cheesy Mushroom Fries

Nobody in Lahore is doing this combination better than meat the cheese, trust us on this. The fries were served in a small pot with stringy cheesy fries filled in and spread around it in a messy yet yum way. The fries had thick creamy sauce with stringy cheese and goodness of mushroom’s taste with perfect spice level in it, these fries wee more tasteful and alive than the fried chicken fillet to be honest.

Cost: 635 Rs – Expensive!

Cheesy Mushroom Fries - Meat The Cheese
Cheesy Mushroom Fries – Meat The Cheese

The service at this place was great, it was a full house when we visited but there was no delay in serving.

Final Verdict

Meat The Cheese is your happy place if you are a die hard cheese lover, their happy joyful ambiance and extremely cheesy menu is a perfect combination for you. The prices are definitely high and it can cost you around 800 Rs just for a serving of cheese fries there. For a complete meal of main course and drink this place can cost you 1500-2000 Rs/person.

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