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You should visit, because:

  • Perfect ambiance to sit and work
  • Good Coffee
  • Indoor, rooftop and outdoor sitting

Keep in mind these:

  • Average Taste

Your Go-To Spot for Coffee

We always heard mixed reviews of Mocca cafe and decided to eliminate the confusions, The place can be found in three spots of Lahore. Mall-1 Gulberg Packages mall, and DHA phase 5.

We tried the Gulberg one, calm, peaceful, mature ambiance, just what a coffee place should be like. Oh and they have a rooftop smoking area too if you don’t like the indoor aura.

Coming to the food, menu was quiet good in variety, had huge drinks variety(coffees, shakes smoothies), All day breakfast options, salads, soups, some typical main entrees and lots of dessert options etc We ordered stuffed chicken, penne arrabiata and Caramel Coffee Frappe.

Penne arrabiata

This was… somewhat a mixture of actual arrabiata sauce pasta and Alfredo pasta.
Creamy mild from Alfredo and slightly spicy reddish from arrabiata. The grilled chicken chunks were super hard and chewy.
If you are hoping to find a spicy tomato sauce arrabiata pasta, this ain’t the one.

Cost: 850 Rs.

Mocca Cafe - Penne Arrabiata Pasta
Mocca Cafe – Penne Arrabiata Pasta
Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed chicken tastes different wherever you try, so was the case with Mocca. The chicken looked well cooked, crisp and yum..but as soon as we dug in, the crust separated itself from chicken and was not very crispy either, the chicken was very hard and chewy, the  spinach stuffing however was good in taste and jalapeno chunks added the spicy kick to it. This was topped with bechamel sauce which added a creamy milky touch to this hard chewy hard-to-eat chicken

Cost: 875

Mocca Cafe - Stuffed Chicken
Mocca Cafe – Stuffed Chicken
Caramel Coffee frappe

On recommendation of staff, we ordered this coffee frappe and this was plain cold coffee blended with ice-cream. Strong to a good point and chilled. Just like a shot of strong thick cold coffee you would want on a Sunday afternoon. The caramel in the name was limited to only name though.

Cost: 450 Rs.

Mocca Cafe - Mocha Caramel Frappe
Mocca Cafe – Mocha Caramel Frappe

The service was satisfactory, nothing to make them stand out.

Final Verdict

Mocca has huge food and coffee variety, occupies a very calm and neat place but their taste can be improved a lot. We love their coffees though. You can visit this place if you are finding a quiet place to work with a coffee cup on side. or for a quick meeting or friends hangout on rooftop. A complete meal of main course and drink can cost you 1200-1500  Rs.

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