Mozzarella 27










You should visit, because:

  • Comparatively economical
  • Tuesday Deal is amazing
  • Great Pizza

Keep in mind these:

  • Desserts and soup were not available
  • Congested Place

A Go -To Pizza Place

Lahore has been in fluxed with local and multinational pizza eateries and so Mozeralla 27 is another one of those located on Kasuri Road next to Xinhua Mall.

The interior reflects a casino royale theme and they offer indoor and outdoor sittings. The place is not very spacious, a bit congested but enough to serve 20-30 people at one time.

Mozeralla 27 - Interior
Mozeralla 27 – Interior

The menu goes with their Italian cuisine and they serve Pizzas, Lasagna, Pastas, Sandwiches,Desserts and few drinks.We tried their Tuesday Special Buy One Get One Deal. The deal was valid on all pizzas and they offer deep-pan and thin-crust full pizzas, slices and half pizzas. We ordered their regular deep-pan Fajitta pizza and regular deep-pan Sicilian pizza.

Fajitta Pizza

This pizza was extremely mildly-spiced but desirably cheesy; the crust was soft and crispy. All in all this pizza was a bit bland but suitable for those who prefer really mild flavour for a cost of PKR 840.

Mozeralla 27 - Fajita Pizza
Mozeralla 27 – Fajita Pizza
Sicilian Pizza

This regular-sized deep-pan pizza tasted great in all aspects. It was slightly more spiced than a normal pizza just like it should be in a Sicilian flavour. The vegetables were in proportionate quantity, chicken was well-cooked, not too hard and not too soft. It was saucy, cheesy and crispy at a price of PKR 840.

Mozeralla 27 - Fajita Sicillian Pizza
Mozeralla 27 – Fajita Sicillian Pizza
Kebab Bites

These were not mere bites but a complete pizza with kebab-stuffed edges. The idea was new since we have not found this kind of pizza anywhere except Pizza Hut. However, kebab chunks wrapped with pizza crust around were not fresh and extra salty, the crust was hard and tasted average. For a price of PKR 995 for a regular-sized pizza, this was not worth the money.

Mozeralla 27 - Kebab bites
Mozeralla 27 – Kebab bites
Mozeralla 27 - Kebab bites
Mozeralla 27 – Kebab bites
Peach Ice Tea

This ice tea tasted too artificial and more like orange ice tea then a peach one. It was chilled to right amount, sweet to right limit but not even slightly close to peach for a price of PKR 150.

Mozeralla 27 - Peach Ice Tea
Mozeralla 27 – Peach Ice Tea

The service was slower then expected, but all this was understandable seeing they had houseful and people waiting outside to dine in.

Final Verdict
Mozzarella 27 is known for its pizza and the name is well earned, they do have great service with amazing tastes.Although the pricing was higher than it should have been but the service and ambiance can compensate for it. Their Tuesday Special deal got us our order in less then PKR 500/person but for a regular day it can cost upto PKR 800-1000/person without any discounts.


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