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You should visit, because:

  • Great Taste
  • They Introduced Rainbow Drinks in Lahore

Keep in mind these:

  • Service Can Be Improved
  • Food Quality in a few dishes

The Taste Wouldn’t Disappoint!

This place just opened up recently in Gulberg next to Arcadian Cafe and we visited them as part of MEW Program by Fnf – A Facebook Community , it would be too soon to say but we see this place among Lahore’s good eat-out spots in near future.

The place covers two floors and ample parking area, has indoor and outdoor options available. The first floor seemed to be an ideal location for parties and small family gatherings due to its close and small space.  The main area on ground floor is spacious, simple, has a drinks bar and transparent wall on one side to let you enjoy the weather (if its pleasant  outside)

SO the menu had something from everything, seafood, beef, chicken, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, Thai and continental,  starters, some drinks and a few dessert items.  Here is what we tried and felt:


Crispy Chicken Tenders

These were chicken strips, crispy out and … harder inside, mild salty and served with a sour tangy sauce.  Unexpectedly one of the chicken strips was a bit red from inside too.

Cost: 475 Rs.

Myst Cafe - Crispy Chicken Tenders
Myst Cafe – Crispy Chicken Tenders
Fish Fingers

This fish was one tasty starter, it literally made us happy, for its tenderness, the perfect crisp outside and the taste!!  Well blended spices, not too salty, neither spicy but mild and perfect, leaving you wanting for more, serving its true purpose of a starter. Served with homemade tartar sauce which was very thick, creamy because of mayo and sour-ish.

Cost: 675 Rs for 6-7 pieces.

Myst Cafe - Fish Fingers
Myst Cafe – Fish Fingers

Main Course

Three Cheese Chicken

Three cheese chicken usually comes bland and plain, but this one had a taste we could remember anytime. Crispy Fried but hard chicken breasts, just like chicken tenders in starter with no special taste, the sauce however was cheesy (obviously) creamy and tasteful, it wasn’t just a blend of tasteless cheese and salt it actually had a strong cheesy taste without the heavy after feeling of cheese! The sauce spoke for the quality of the cheese used, the combination of Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella with their aroma and  strong taste made it star of the show!

Cost: 935 Rs.

Myst Cafe - Three Cheese Chicken
Myst Cafe – Three Cheese Chicken
Thai Spicy Basil Fish

Thai food has a very strong spice level and vibrant aroma, this one had a very strong…salt level! They had fish, beef and chicken variants of same dish, we chose to try spicy fish basil, The dish was Served with egg fried rice, which by the way were super fresh and tasteful. The main part was fish chunks with sauteed vegetables in gravy. The fish was extremely tender but unfortunately had a very strong taste of either baking soda or something similar in taste.

Cost: 995 Rs.

Myst Cafe - Spicy Basil Fish
Myst Cafe – Spicy Basil Fish

The drinks

Okay, we almost saw all of their drinks, since they have a live drinks bar. All colorful and unique, we ordered a lychee drink.

Gun N Rose Lychee

The drink stayed true to the flavor of lychee, had two canned lychees as a treat in the end too. The sour strong but sweet lychee kick went poetically with the gun and rose in the name!
Recommended for lychee lovers.
Cost: 250 Rs.

Myst -- Gun N Rose Lychee
Myst — Gun N Rose Lychee
The Rainbow Bomb

These rainbow shots were so much more than their name, they have caught up the attention of almost every foodie in Lahore, all due to the way they are made, dramatically thrilling! The cinematic background music, the dramatic liquid nitrogen fog to cool off drinks and in the end to top it all of, adding flavor shots with domino shot glass effect  made it a performance more than a drink!
The taste was quite like..flavored soda, it was a frizzy drink (7up, sprite) with flavor added. Flavors were mainly kiwi, pineapple, apple pomegranate etc
Worth the cost only if you want to witness the making

Cost 1500 Rs for 7 drinks

Myst - The Rainbow Bomb
Myst – The Rainbow Bomb
Walnut Brownie

So far the place was super amazing but you know what they say nothing is perfect, this dessert was there to prove it. The walnut taste was no where to be found, brownie was extra dense and moist.

Cost: 325Rs

Myst Cafe - Walnut Brownie
Myst Cafe – Walnut Brownie

The service was satisfactory, there were some delays and miscommunications but that is bound to happen in a new place.

Final Verdict

Myst cafe is new, the taste and ambiance everything looked promising, though the menu was short and there were some ups and downs in a few menu items, altogether this place is a must try! In a range of 1000-1200 Rs. you enjoy a main course and drink at this place.

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