Naan Bun Paneer

Naan Bun Paneer










You should visit, because:

  • Economical
  • Greaat Ambiance,Great Location
  • Not Very Pricy
  • Something from every cuisine

Keep in mind these:

  • No Discounts on Any Cards
  • Service a little slow




Naan Bun Paneer is located right in front of Qaddafi Stadium gate along with other continental restaurants nearby(talking about Dera restaurants here) that have a touch of Lahori culture, but this place has brought other cuisines to this location.

The place is great to have a nice quiet meal with your friends or family .Staff is polite, service is prompt and a variety of cuisines are served: Asian,French and Italian with each course served with Naan, Bun or Paneer. Unique, isn’t it?

Inside Naan Bun Paneer
Inside Naan Bun Paneer

We started with complimentary starter which was a simple combination of buns and sauce. For main course, we tried Spicy Fettuccine Pasta, Special Chili Pasta, Moroccon Chicken and Shanghai Chicken and for dessert we had Molten Lava Cake. Also Sparkling Shot from drinks.


Fettuccine Pasta

 Fettuccine pasta was spicy to the right limit and tasty to perfection with right amount of white sauce and tender chicken.Only a few restaurants serve good pasta and I count this one in the list of good ones.

Fettuccine Pasta Naan Bn Paneer - Source: Internet
Fettuccine Pasta Naan Bn Paneer – Source: Internet


Special Chili Pasta

The “Special Chili Pasta” was served in three flavors in a single dish. Pasta with white sauce, with spinach sauce and with chilli sauce.

Special Chili Patsa- Naan Bun Paneer
Special Chili Patsa- Naan Bun Paneer
Shanghai Chicken

Well, this dish was served with rice, chicken and A LOT of vegetables.The taste was above average but not among the best shanghai chicken we have tried so far. You might like YUMS more for this kind of dish.

Shenghai Chicken- Naan Bun Paneer
Shenghai Chicken- Naan Bun Paneer

Moroccan Chicken

This dish had two grilled chicken fillet, cooked a little more than needed which made them harder then they should’ve been.The sauce over the chicken was tangy with a creamy mild spiced touch.It was served with mashed potatoes and sauted vegetables.The option of rice would’ve been a better option but they didn’t offer them. This dish is priced 695 PKR.

Moroccan Chicken – Naan Bun Paneer


Sparkling Shot

This drink was chilled, had a very strong fizzy and slight tangy taste. Every sip of this drink gives you a fizzy punch with lemon flavour.This should be your choice if you are looking for a drink which will wake you up with even one sip. This drink costs you 210 PKR.

Sparkling Shot – Naan Bun Paneer



This brownie was on the house because of some of the complaints we made. One big scoop of ice cream over a hot tempting brownie is just a perfect combination wherever you try it. The brownie was too sweet, perfectly soft and not overcooked.

The Brownie – Naan Bun Paneer
Molten Lava Cake

The cake was baked perfect-crispy outside and molten inside! The chocolate was a bit too sweet, but who would not love that?
The serving of all the dishes was one person but quantity was enough for two persons.
Oh and they also offer nutella brownies for chocolate lovers! That is going to be our next target on our next visit!.

Molten Lava Cake - Naan Bun Puneer Source: Facebook
Molten Lava Cake – Naan Bun Puneer Source: Facebook
Final Verdict

For average  budget of 600-700 PKR per person, this place is a an awesome addition to eateries at Lahore!
Still looking for something more? We are sure you can find something here