PF Chang's - The Original Dynamite Shrimps

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You should visit, because:

  • Ambiance
  • Different Than Usual Asian Taste

Keep in mind these:

  • Super Expensive
Worth One-Time Visit Only
The much hyped P.F Chang’s opened up its first branch in Pakistan a few weeks back and Lahori’s are giving them houseful almost every day!  We visited them in collaboration with community F&F. The place specializes in making Asian food from scratch and has made its name for its authenticity and this concept worldwide. You can visit P.F chang;s Pakistan Branch on MM Alam, Gulberg Lahore.
A huge, super spacious venue with artistic decent walls would welcome you in. The place can easily house 100+ people. They have a separate sitting area by the name of The Pastry Lab which displays their desserts.
The menu focuses on Asian items including sushi, noodles, beef,seafood items  and Asian Street food. What we tried and how was it? Read below!
Hot n Sour Soup
This soup is a must try! Though it was thinner than expected but had the perfect tangy spicy taste a good hot n sour soup should have. One more thing you wouldn’t find anywhere else would be the addition of tender tofu which would literally just melt as soon as sipped in with the soup.
Price: 375 for one serving
PF Chang's - Hot N Sour Soup
PF Chang’s – Hot N Sour Soup
Pomegranate Cosmo
This drink is made for those who need a kick in their drinks along-with meals! Not just the name this one was actually tasteful with its much needed Pomegranate’s sharp but pleasant taste complemented by tanginess of cranberries. Though the serving was small, but loved every single sip of it.
Price: 275
PF Chang's - Pomegranate Cosmo
PF Chang’s – Pomegranate Cosmo
The Original Dynamite Shrimps
You all have heard about how amazing they are. Let us tell you its right, They had that perfect smokey taste, fresh n crispy outside with tender shrimps inside. The spicy thick sauce gently covering shrimps complimented them perfectly to add a spicy smokey taste!
Price: 1495
PF Chang's - The Original Dynamite Shrimps
PF Chang’s – The Original Dynamite Shrimps
Orange Peel Chicken
Comparatively a new dish to try for Lahore, this was orange-y sweet and mild spiced. The orange slice added the much need juicy taste boost to it. The chicken was well cooked. A bit overpriced Price: 1250
PF Chang's - Orange Peel Chicken
PF Chang’s – Orange Peel Chicken
Singaporean Street Noodles

This was a colorful and appealing noodle dish, all bloomy with fresh hand-cut vegetables but the taste was disappointing. It was bland and nothing else. It had shrimps and chicken strips, tasting mild salty and mild spiced.

Price: 1150, can serve 2 people

PF Chang's - Singaporean Street Noodles
PF Chang’s – Singaporean Street Noodles
Lo Mein

Lo-Mein noodles are just egg noodles tossed in sauce rather than being fried like it is in chowmein. The taste was nothing special or memorable, just mild spiced average tasting noodles. One good thing about it was: it wasn’t oily

Price: 1050 Rs.

PF Chang's - Lo Mein
PF Chang’s – Lo Mein
Chang’s Spicy Chicken
To your surprise, this wasn’t spicy but . The name said it would be spicy, the description said it would be sweet n sour, the taste however delivered only the sweet portion of the description.
Price: 1250 Rs.
PF Chang's - Chang's Spicy Chicken
PF Chang’s – Chang’s Spicy Chicken
Coming down to sweet-tooth, the desserts from The Pastry Lab we tasted were:
The Great wall of Chocolate
You would drool just by looking at this chocolate creation. One side all chunky with chocolate chips and the other side was layers of thick creamy chocolate spread between slightly bitter chocolate sponge.
Not the best, but definitely worth a try.
Price: 1350
PF Chang's - The Great Wall of Chocolate
PF Chang’s – The Great Wall of Chocolate
New York Style Cheesecake
The presentation is worth a shout out, it made us dive into it right away but the taste wasn’t the best in Lahore. It was creamy but not perfect. The crust lacked freshness and much needed crumble.
Price: 625 Rs.
PF Chang's - New York Style Cheesecake
PF Chang’s – New York Style Cheesecake
Miso butter Pudding
This small shot of pudding looked small, tasted 10 times heavier than any dessert of this size. One bite and you feel full due to its super thick texture and creamy buttery sweet taste.
Price: 375 Rs.
PF Chang's - Miso Butter Pudding
PF Chang’s – Miso Butter Pudding
The service was satisfactory, the servings of almost all items were enough for 2 people.
Final Verdict
This huge, on-demand place is expensive but brings dishes and tastes to Pakistanis’ which they ain’t used to of. P.F Chang’s didn’t live upto the expectations fully in their food and taste, probably the hype had created a far more better image than it actually is. Be prepared. One person can enjoy one main course + drink at this place over a price of 1500+Tax. 
Not recommended for Students
Have you been here already? Rate your experience in comments!

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