Pomelo Avenue










You should visit, because:

  • Chicken Variety
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Quiet

Keep in mind these:

  • Pricey



Note: Pomelo Avenue has been relocated to Packages Mall and there is no branch currently operating at MM Alam.
Pomelo Avenue is located near Subway on MM Alam road Lahore. It has a tiny front due its location alongside commercial clothing brands. However, the entrance is beautiful like an artificial garden; with a photo booth decorated with mirrors and a white swing- all so elegant.It has two sitting areas,one for order-based service and the other for hi-tea and buffets.


Pomelo Avenue-Entrance
Pomelo Avenue-Entrance

Menu is neither too extravagant nor too boring; they offer Soup, Seafood, Pastas, Poultry and Fast food. They offer the most variety in Poultry section of the menu and appetizers are limited with a variety so common, like offered in other places. We tried Hot N Sour Soup, Sweet And Chilli Fish and Shanghai Chicken.

Hot N Sour Soup

Soup was not the typical hot and sour soup, even though it had all the typical ingredients like vegetables and chicken.Taking a wild guess, they might have added Hp-like sauce in it which almost ruined its taste. So soup was average and bearable for us. It costed around PKR 350.

Pomelo Avenue-Hot N Sour Soup
Pomelo Avenue-Hot N Sour Soup

Sweet And Chilli Fish

Tender hot fish was served with vegetable rice and sweet and chili sauce. The sauce consisted of chili peppers and garlic in tomato sauce with other secret ingredients. Fish had a soft coating over it which was too thick with little fish to taste. The taste was good enough, but overall the dish did not justify its price of PKR 775 .

Pomelo Avenue- Sweet and Chilli Fish
Pomelo Avenue- Sweet and Chilli Fish

Shanghai Chicken

This dish has a reputation of being the specialty of this place. Chicken chunks were submerged in a curry and served with vegetable rice. Chicken was cooked in a thick gooey curry with barbecue-like taste; chicken was soft and the curry was delicious. This dish surely justified its cost, which was around PKR 750.

Pomelo Avenue- Shanghai Chicken
Pomelo Avenue- Shanghai Chicken

The service was average but staff was cooperative.The dishes were mainly one person servings; however, overall experience was pleasant and nice.

Final Verdict

You should definitely visit Pomelo for its Shanghai Chicken because you will find nothing like it in Lahore. The cost per person without drinks is around or above PKR 1000. We say its a bit pricey for its variety and taste; nevertheless, it is definitely worth a visit.


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