Qabail - Interior











You should visit, because:

  • Pure Qabail Interior
  • Serves Qabail Food

Keep in mind these:

  • Poor Service
  • A Bit Pricy



Qabail is an eatery located on MM Alam Road which offers Afghani food – a rarity in Lahore. It claims to provide original Afghan cuisine without any infusion of local cuisine with it.

The interior is traditional, similar to tribal areas with portraits hanging around, small trucks used as decor items, big curtains and colorful walls. On top of that, Pashtoon music plays in the background. They have done a pretty good job in making their visitors feel like they are actually sitting in an Afghani restaurant.

Qabail - Interior
Qabail – Interior
Qabail - Interior
Qabail – Interior
Qabail - Interior
Qabail – Interior

The menu had Sajji, Dumba Karahi, BBQ Corner, Chappli Kababs, Lahore Section which contained mostly chicken items and few Daal choices, dominantly mutton variety.They also have a separate tandoor section which includes multiple Naan variety from Afghani cuisine, such as Badami Naan, Kabuli Naan, Shehanshahi Naan and more.We ordered Qabaili Salad, Chicken-Cheese Reshmi Kabab, Afghani Mutton Kabab, Dumba Karahi with Shahanshahi Naan.


Qabaili Salad

The Afghani kachomar salad was something very different then usual salads.Cucumbers, Onion, Tomato, dried nuts dipped in a sweet and slightly tangy syrup made a great combination salad. One serving costs you PKR 240.

Qabaili Salad - Qabail
Qabaili Salad – Qabail
Chicken Cheese Reshmi Kabab

These were six pieces of chicken kababs, very well-cooked and considerably spicy with cheese garnishing.These kababs at price of PKR 690/6 pieces had a very balanced taste and are definitely a good option for those who want to enjoy Afghani eatery’s ambiance with a Lahore-flavoured menu.

Chicken Cheese Reshmi Kabab - Qabail
Chicken Cheese Reshmi Kabab – Qabail
Afghani Mutton Kabab

They served mutton seekh kababs fresh onto the plates, hot and soft but a bit bland to taste.Still, this was a good option to try from their mutton dishes but not recommended for people who like lots of spices.This menu item will cost you PKR 900.

Afghani Mutton Kabab - Qabail
Afghani Mutton Kabab – Qabail
Shehanshahi Naan

Special Naan recommended by the staff,huge, topped with Nigella Seeds (Kalonji), thick, soft and different than casual naans we eat in Lahore. One Naan for a cost of PKR 160 was enough for 2-4 persons.

Shehanshahi Naan - Qabail
Shehanshahi Naan – Qabail


The service at Qabail was very slow, our order was 20-30 minutes late from the said time and no proper excuse was being provided for the late serving.The manager was not open to criticism and wasn’t accepting the late service complaint.


 Final Verdict

Qabail is one-of-its-kind restaurant in Lahore which provides great ambiance and interior in perfect sync with Afghani culture and taste.If you are looking for a distinctive and tasteful experience at a cost of PKR 1000-1300/person, give this place a try.


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