Best Ramadan Deals 2017

Ramadan is a month full of blessings and Pakistan is one of those countries in which this month is celebrated to its fullest. Over the past few years, there has been an influx of Iftar and Sehri buffets offered by restaurants at reasonable prices and people have been rushing out to these eateries for stomach-full Iftaris and Sehris. We have collected a list of restaurants offering the Best Ramadan Deals of 2017.

This feature is being updated continuously as deals are increasing everyday. If you think there is a restaurant which should be mentioned here, tell us in comments below.
Restaurants are shortlisted on the basis of the food type they are offering, the price of deals and variety of items.Follow our facebook page or click here to get a complete list of ramadan deals collected by ottutu so far.

Iftar Deals


OPTP has introduced two Iftar deals, both of which are nothing like heavy buffets but quiet light and reasonably priced deals. Their ‘Iftar Sharing Feast’ has Fries, Wings, Shrimps, Drumsticks and Nuggets. One small bucket of each of these with dates and Nutella Sandwiches in PKR 990. So if you are looking for an all-rounder easy-on-pocket deal which is not too heavy either, this one is a must try.

OPTP Iftar Deal
2- Arcadian Cafe

Arcadian is never out of choice when you are looking for a quality dining experience with numerous options.This time too they have introduced Iftar deal which includes more than 10 different dishes from their menu including Beef,Grilled-chicken variety, Pizza, Pasta, Soup, Desserts and Starters at PKR 1925(excluding tax) at Emporium Mall and Gulberg outlets. Unlike almost all other places, they have not included local Iftar snacks(Dahi bharay, Pakoras etc) in their packages.This package is most expensive so far but definitely worth it for the ambiance, service and taste they offer.

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Arcadian Cafe Iftar Buffet
3- Qabail

Qabail is famous for its distinctive Afghani cuisine which is currently a rarity in Lahore.Their Iftar buffet variety is huge including BBQ, Afghani cuisine, Iftar Snacks, Karahi, Rice and few Chinese items at PKR 1799(excluding tax).If you want a large food variety at a place which offers complete Afghan interior, you should at least visit this place once this Ramadan.

Qabail Iftar Buffet
4- Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk located at Gurumangat road Gulberg |||, is offering various dishes in their Iftar buffet at a price of PKR 1350(excluding tax). The menu includes Pasta, Barbecue, Pizza, Fish Prawns, Chaat and so much more. They are offering lots of cuisines but they specialize in taste for Barbecue and other continental dishes. If you are up for a continental average-priced Iftar,this one should be your final choice.

Chandni Chowk Iftar Buffet
5- Teneriffe Cafe

Teneriffe is known for serving quality food at high prices and so their Iftar deal is expensive at PKR 1695(excluding tax).The main course has something from almost every cuisine and the desserts offered are very different too. All in all this deal is a bit overpriced but those who love quality food and variety can try this deal at the cafe located on Jail Road Lahore.

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Teneriffe iftar Deal
6- Howdy

If you are the kind of person who would eat burgers for Iftar, this deal is made for you. This deal has a Singly Patty Burger, 2 Chicken Skewers, 4 Chicken Wings, half-lite Drink, Pasta, Salads and Dessert at a cost of PKR 999(excluding tax). This is a must try for fast-food lovers at their outlets on MM Alam Road, Emporium Mall and Packages Mall. Read a detailed review on Howdy here!

HOWDY Iftar Deal
7- The Chocolate Room Pakistan

The Chocolate Room is not only sweets and chocolates, but it also offers main courses and they have come up with a range of Iftar packages starting from PKR 799-1499. It includes mainly a small Pizza, Nuggets, Fries, Chaat and Ice-Cream. Another package includes an additional Panini  with all previous items. Both of these deals are suitable in quantity for one person. They are also offering a two-person deal which includes Chicken Shashlik, Nuggets, Fries, Sandwiches, Samosa, Egg Rolls and Ice-Cream. Avail these deals at Chocolate Room MM Alam Road, if you are looking for a decent Iftar with least expenditure.

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The Chocolate Room pakistan Iftar Deal
The Chocolate Room Pakistan Iftar Deal
8- Haveli

What can be more perfect than having Iftar with Pakistani food at rooftop with a view of Badshahi mosque? Haveli has introduced their Iftar buffet at price of PKR 1195 (excluding tax) which includes snacks (Samosay, Dahi Bharay, Chaat, Pakoras) and main course items from Barbecue, Tawa dish, Daal, Handi and some Chinese items. At this price and view, if you love Pakistani food, you need to try this out.

Haveli Iftar Buffet
9- City Cafe And Grill

City Cafe And Grill, located in DHA Phase 5, is offering Iftar buffet at a price of PKR 1099(excluding tax) with desi and continental items on the menu. Items offered would be mainly; Fruit Chaat, Dahi Bharay, Steaks, Fish, Egg Fried Rice etc and it seems like this buffet is quiet reasonably priced compared to other deals.


City Cafe And Grill Iftar Buffet
10- Kreams Cafe

Kreams cafe is a comparatively newer cafe located on MM Alam road, which specializes in desserts but also serves other menu items.They have launched one of the most economical deals for Iftar at a price of PKR 699(excluding tax) which includes drinks, Samosa, Salad and any one main course from their Chicken Steaks, Pasta, Burgers and Sandwich variety. If you are not looking for a buffet but an economical Iftar meal, this one should be the best option for you.

Kreams Cafe Iftar Deal
Kreams Cafe Iftar Deal
11- Flavours Of Lahore

This eatery located at Ghalib Road, Gulberg ||| claims to provide pure Pakistani Fast Food.They are offering the most affordable desi Iftar buffet so far at a price of PKR 749(excluding tax) which includes usual Iftar snacks, Barbecue, Tawa dish etc.

Flavours of LAhore Iftar Deal


12- Subway

Subway is always a safe and light-on-stomach choice if you are out of options for eating out and need a quick rescue.They have introduced a deal at an extremely low price of PKR 850 suitable for three persons.

Subway Iftar Deal
13- Bon Vivant Palais

If you only want a simple and nice Iftar at a nice place, Bon Vivant has introduced a very economical and different package without any main course or buffet items at the cost of PKR 275.Their deal includes Pakoras, Chaat and Samosa with drink and dates.You can also pair this deal with their Iftar Buffet priced at PKR 1800(excluding tax) later on. A perfect solution located at Sir Syed Road Lahore, if you are not out for a fancy heavy Iftar. Read about their Ala Carte review here

Bon Vivant Iftar Deal

Sehr Deals

Following are the best Sehri deals shortlisted on the basis of menu items and their suitability for occasion and their pricing.We have also included some of the most famous food points oof Lahore which are not among Hi-Fi restraunts but definitely serve some of the best in taste food items.

1- Jade Cafe By China Town

Jade Cafe has been an all time favourite seeing its economical rates and tasty food items. This time,too, they have come up with a light Sehri platter with all local dishes, an omelette and flavoured lassi- all this in PKR 799.


2- Daar Cheeni

Daar Cheeni has made its reputation for the taste and so they are offering quiet a desi Sehri buffet including Nehari, Pathoray, Halwa Puri, Omelettes and more at a price of PKR 795(excluding tax).

3- Shahi Murgh Chanay GawalMandi

Gawalmandi has always been famous for offering pure royal food of Lahore. So, Shahi Murgh Channay is a well-known for serving best Channay in Lahore.If you are a fan of Lahori  Sehri, don’t miss this one out.  They don’t have any deals but it will cost you around PKR 50-100/person to have a full Sehri meal there.

Shahi Murgh Chanay
Shahi Murgh Chanay
4- Butt Karahi

Butt Karahi does not need any introduction for being famous for its Chicken Karahis.The menu shown below is from the oldest known Butt Karahi outlet at Lakshmi Chowk Lahore. It is ideal for groups going out for Sehri and looking for an economical local meal, although they don’t have any special Sehri deals.Butt Karahi can cost you 400-500 Per Person

Butt Karahi
5- Muhammadi Nehari House

Muhammadi Nehari House serves different variety of Nehari and is known for serving the best ones Lahore. Head out to this place located on Mazang Chungi for a stomach-full Sehri for a cost of PKR 300-500/person.

Muhammadi Nehari House
Muhammadi Nehari House


6- Dominos

If you are not of fond of heavy local Sehris and just a  pizza would do; then Dominos is your best option providing a Pizza and a little sweet item on the side at a price of PKR 849(excluding tax).



7- Feeqay Ki Lassi

This place does not provide you Sehri meals but definitely something to put a good refreshing and cold end to it.Feeqay Ki Lassi and specifically their Pairay wali Lassi is famous for the taste and unique taste.You can try this after having your Sehri and enjoy a good sleep after that.This Lassi can cost you PKR 70-150/serving

Feeqay Ki Lassi
Feeqay Ki Lassi


This list of best Sehri deals and best Iftari deals is a collection of restaurants to help you decide the best Iftari-out or Sehri-out with your loved ones or colleagues. You can choose based upon the price, quality, quantity or the variety offered at these places as each eatery bestows a combination of all the afore-mentioned factors.

Do you think there are any other deals which should be here?
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