Decor - Saarah's Cake Shop

Saarah’s Cake Shop

Made With Love

18th September marks birth date of the person behind these words, and on this very day, she received something amazing.. A box of cake, made with love by Saraah’s Cake Shop with a cute handwritten note filled with birthday wishes.

Saarah's Cake Shop
Saarah’s Cake Shop

Sarah is running a home based customized cakeshop in Lahore. She sent us a custom made cake themed around our food blog and everything that revolves around it.Here is how she describes the creation made specifically for a food blogger – Nisa:

Food bloggers are all for the love of food. They taste new flavors ; photograph; and blog about. So here’s our chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache frosting having fondant decor for an enthusiastic foodie. Now you have a spare camera, a laptop, and a lot of food. Keep rocking girl !

The Decor

The appearance of the cake left us in awe for a moment, promise! It was a custom-made cake with fondant decor, so neat that we had doubts for a second whether it was made by a human or not! Well though and well crafted decor, revolved around the life of writer as a foodblogger. A laptop, A camera, and obviously THE FOOD!

Decor - Saarah's Cake Shop
Decor – Saarah’s Cake Shop
Decor - Saarah's Cake Shop
Decor – Saarah’s Cake Shop

Inside the cake was chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache layered in-between. The sponge had a smooth texture, balanced taste and  wasn’t excessively sweet. Had the sponge been more softer, it would have definitely been the best cake we tried so far.  The ganache was chocolate heaven, rich in taste and will leave you wanting more.

Decor - Saarah's Cake Shop
Decor – Saarah’s Cake Shop

Interested in knowing more about this cakeshop?
Saraah caters cakes and cupcakes. Provides home delivery as well except for multi-tiered cakes. She is providing fondant, buttercream and whipped cream variants and her pricing starts from Rs. 1000/pound.  Minimum order starts from 2 pounds and you will have to place order 2-3 days before pickup/delivery date.

This cakeshop covers below flavors :
1. Chocolate Fudge Cake
2. Caramel Vanilla Cake
3. Coffee Cake
4. Cadbury Cake
5. Oreo / Snickers/Mars/Kitkat Cake
6. Peanut Butter
7. Butter Scotch Cake
8. Choco strawberry Cake
9. Brownie cake
10. Any desired flavor

You can reach them on Facebook and Instagram on links below! 🙂


Instagram :

Final Words:

This cakeshop is new, and we can see the dedication, effort and creativity put in their creations. Their work is neat, and tastes good too. We would suggest you try them give them an idea of what you want and leave the rest to them Since they seem to be very good with putting amazing relevant cute stuff on cakes.

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