Salt N Pepper










You should visit, because:

  • Lots Of Combination Deals
  • Great Continental Variety

Keep in mind these:

  • Lacks Taste in few items
  • Not Very Good Interior

Salt N Pepper Mall road has quiet a reputation when it comes to choosing a place with average taste and great ambiance.Salt N Pepper being an old eatery has developed a lot of trust among Lahoris.

The interior wasn’t something very fancy, walls were painted bright-yellow, place covers a huge area-both ground floor and first floor.That was all about their interior,but the air-conditioning at this place seemed a little less than required.

Salt N Pepper Interior

The menu had a huge variety mainly, Steaks, Burgers, Soups, Continental and BBQ items and other combination deals.So, usually there are no complimentary offerings at Salt N Pepper but this time thy gave us a complimentary Fruit Vegetable Salad.

Salt N Pepper – Complimentary Salad

We tried their oh-so-famous Stuffed Chicken With Pineapple Sauce,Boneless Malai Chicken, Jalapeno and Cheese Steak along with Cold Coffee.

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pineapple Sauce

This item was more for our readers and less for us.Since this is their signature dish we had to try it out.The Stuffed chicken breast was stuffed with cheese  and pineapple sauce was served in a separate container- hot and sweet.If you top your chicken piece with this sauce, you will get a cheesy, sweet,salty and crunchy chicken taste in one bite.The dish included some fries and coleslaw on the sides and some boiled pureed spinach.We really couldn’t get the point of spinach  because it wasn’t adding any taste to the main item.However, at the price of PKR 690, this item was a perfect main course .

Salt N Pepper – Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pineapple Sauce
Jalapeno And Cheese Steak

Steak was served extremely hot, so hot that you wouldn’t be able to eat it at the time it arrives.The name says Jalapeno and Cheese Steak,  anybody with a liking for steaks would know that there should have been jalapeno sauce on top of it, but there was some creamy white sauce poured all over the steak.Boiled Spinach was part of this steak too, along with coleslaw and a boiled potato on the sides.The steak itself was grilled perfectly, but had a very dominant pepper taste.So if you want a pepper-only-tasting steak with spinach, something like cheese and potatoes in PKR 700, this should be your final choice.

Salt N Pepper – Jalapeno And Cheese Steak
Boneless Malai Chicken

Boneless chicken handi was great in taste, not spicy, not bland.Mildly-spiced with a hint of cream and abundant boneless chicken pieces will describe this dish the best.The quantity of this item was more than enough, and with two roghni naans this dish will cost you around PKR 635.

Salt N Pepper – Boneless Malai Chicken


Cold Coffee With Ice-Cream

Cold coffee was obviously cold, strong  with no visible ice cream.Maybe it was blended with the coffee while making it.This small serving will cost you PKR 250.

Salt N Pepper – Cold Coffee With Ice-Cream

The service was great with friendly staff and prompt food-serving.

Final Verdict

Salt N Pepper Mall road branch is an eatery with an average interior, great ambiance, huge food variety with mediocre taste .The have great continental variety and good stuffed chicken and these are the only recommended portions you should try there with an average cost of PKR 700-1000/person.

Are you a fan of this place? Did we miss anything amazing from Salt n Pepper? Tell us in comments

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