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You should visit, because:

  • Extremely economical
  • Fast service

Keep in mind these:

  • Congested Sitting
  • Average Taste
  • Less Hygienic


Savour foods is a name which started from rawalpindi in 1980’s and since then they have established their brand name from the palao they serve at an amazingly economical price. Started from Rawalpindi, extended to Islamabad, now savour foods has recently opened up in Lahore near Shama Chowk, Ferozepur Road.

The Lahore branch is based on a complete building covering more then 2 floors for sitting. Since the branch started its operations, the place has almost always been jam packed.The interior is quiet normal with big paintings around. The sitting is very congested, hygiene is not very well maintained  well.

Savour - Interior
Savour – Interior
Savour - Interior
Savour – Interior

Sovur’s menu covers rice/palao with option of cutlets and chicken piece, hot shots and burgers.They have good variety of icecreams in deserts a well. We tried their palao, hot shots and burger.

Chicken Palao with Cutlet and Chicken Piece

Everybody knows the taste of an average desi deighi palao. These rice tasted just like that. Nothing more, nothing less. The rice were a bit oily and a bit spicy for somebody who likes normal spices. The chicken piece was cooked well, wasn’t crispy and normal spiced. Cutlets tasted better then rest of this dish’s items and gave a perfect blended taste of chicken with all other spices.All this will cost you 170 Rs.

Savour - Chicken Palao
Savour – Chicken Palao
Krispo Hot Shots

The name makes an image of crispy spicy chicken chunks but they were not even close to that. These chunks were not very crispy, bland and chicken was hard inside.These 15 Krispo Shots will cost you  Rs 320.

Savour - Krispo Hot Shots
Savour – Krispo Hot Shots
Chicken Burger and Fries
The burger patty wasn\t all chicken or regular simple minced chicken like most ready-to-make food brands offer. It tasted very different, very local but tasteful and not at all bland. Jalapenos, mayo and this patty combined made a good combination for a burger worth less then 190 Rs.This burger and fries combination will cost you 190 Rs.
Savour - Chicken Burger and Fries
Savour – Chicken Burger and Fries
The service was fast but the behavior of their staff wasn’t the finest. One good thing about savour is they will serve you free extra rice on table for a limited number of times if you order their palao. The place is mostly jam packed, noisy and thus wouldn’t provide you with a very peaceful dine-out. 
Final Verdict
Savour is famous for its unique combination of economical rates, taste and a good family sitting area and we agree that there is no or very less eateries providing Pakistanis with this combination. The taste however is not out of this world or something you will remember for a very long time.  For a per person cost of 170-250, savour is definitely a good option for those looking for  economical, average in taste dine-in option.

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