Smokeys Texas Grill - Interior

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You should visit, because:

  • Steaks

Keep in mind these:

  • Nothing really!

Visit Them For Their Steaks

Smokeys Texas Grill is located in DHA Y Block market, the name truly defines essence of their dishes. How? Read further.
The place covers two floors, was spacious and has open outdoor sitting too.
Insides are quite dark, artsy and … dark. Brick walls, wooden chairs and paintings in the yellow vintage light made a perfect steakhouse ambiance.

Smokeys Texas Grill - Interior
Smokeys Texas Grill – Interior
Smokeys Texas Grill - Interior
Smokeys Texas Grill – Interior

The menu covered mix cuisines, from burgers to pizzas, pastas and sandwiches they
had everything but the specialty and main focus of menu was on their char grilled steaks. We visited Smokey’s for steaks, and ordered a chicken steak and Parmesan chicken.

Parmesan Chicken

The dish and ingredients are same wherever we order this steak yet every place delivers an extremely different taste. This one had a crispy fried chicken breast, topped with a red sauce under the blanket of cheese. Sounds delicious eh?
The crispy crust  over chicken was a bit too hard, the chicken had less or no taste, but the red sauce defined the taste of this item and made it juicier too. It was a bit sweet and mild spiced but cheese topping somehow balanced it

Cost: 720 Rs

Smokeys Texas Grill - Parmesan Chicken
Smokeys Texas Grill – Parmesan Chicken
Peppercorn Steak

Usually pepper corn steak at every place is just a chicken steak overdone with peppers and 4-5 corns. This one stood out. Both in taste and how tender the steak was.
The name “Smokeys” justified itself here, the steak was screaming of its smokey touch in its aroma and taste. Had its much needed pepper-ey taste to perfection alongwith a mild pleasant  existence of onion in taste.

Cost: 925 Rs. (Same Price for all chicken steaks)
Beef Steaks range in 1100-1400 Rs.

Smokeys Texas Grill - Peppercorn Chicken Steak
Smokeys Texas Grill – Peppercorn Chicken Steak

The service at this place was not just fast and good,, they were  amazing! They went an extra mile to make sure we visit again, offered us complimentary margaritas and green tea after our meal too (No they didn’t know they were being reviewed!)

Final Verdict

Smokeys has made its name from their taste and  the hype is no doubt real, though the chicken steaks are a bit overpriced but the rich taste they deliver is definitely hard to find in Lahore. You can have a complete meal here from 1000-1500 Rs. including a drink.
We recommend their steaks but they do offer other items too.

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