You should visit, because:

  • Unique Taste Palette
  • Quality Food
  • Live Teppenyaki Counter

Keep in mind these:

  • Expensive

Taste You Will Remember

Sumo – Just like the name suggests, is a Japanese cuisine eatery, located in Gulberg and DHA. We – A group of food critics from MEW Project by FnF chose to have dinner at DHA Branch.
Located on first floor, right above mandarin kitchen, this was a small cozy place. As soon as you enter the place, a sophisticated, quiet and calm vibe welcomes you. Lit candles on tables, dim lights, mini pots aligned with Japanese culture, everything falls together to create a light somewhat dreamy ambiance. Live teppanyaki counter adds to the Japanese aura they have maintained.
The place opens for lunch and dinner timings only and is wheelchair friendly too.

The menu revolved around Japanese cuisine of course, it offered starters, sushi, maki/rolls. Adding on, they had Live Teppanyaki, Hebachi style food and Robata grill food, all three are iconic Japanese methods of cooking food. The first impression of Japanese food brings raw, sushi and seafood to mind and a lot of people are reluctant to try these. Well, this review is definitely for them. From starters till desserts we followed an interesting journey, read below!

Rock Shrimps

Perfectly tasteful, well cooked shrimps hence no smell.The sauce  over them had perfect creamy consistency and had that royal but spicy kick to compliment shrimps. Recommended
Cost: 1200 Rs.

Sumo -Rock Shrimps
Sumo -Rock Shrimps
Dynamite California Roll

This is coming from somebody who rarely tries sushi or similar items, so everybody reluctant in trying sushi for first time can trust this review.
Presented beautifully,  with sushi rolls covered under lots of rice and just prawn tails visible from outside. This was basically prawn tempura in a sushi(California) roll with cucumber, and tobiko (fish) with dynamite sauce. The dynamite sauce with crunchy rice did get a bit messy together but together this delivered a new tasteful combination with a spicy kick of dynamite sauce, crunch of rice and signature taste of prawn tempura.Those reluctant to try sushi for its raw factors, can try this one for sure.
Price: 1450 Rs.


Sumo - Dynamite California Roll
Sumo – Dynamite California Roll | Picture credits to Daniyal Khan.
Hebachi Chicken

Listed under Teppanyaki section, this was Hebachi styled chicken. If we go into details, hebachi and teppanyaki are two different cooking styles both with origins from Japanese cuisine. Teppanyaki involves cooking on a flat iron griddle, Hebachi however means ‘fire bowl’ and involves cooking dish on high heat. Well, the dish presented was a mind blower for its taste. The tender chicken chunks were evident of amazing cooking technique, the chicken was enriched with taste, royal, salty and buttery, the small garlic cloves added the mellow sweet flavor to the base. This Hebachi chicken had a unique personality in itself, definitely not just another chicken entree you find in every cafe of Lahore.
Price: 1450 Rs.

Sumo - Hebachi Chicken
Sumo – Hebachi Chicken
Sumo - Hebachi Chicken
Sumo – Hebachi Chicken

Blueberry Chiller

Didn’t taste a lot like blueberry but had a dominating Black Salt taste though.
Cost: 375 Rs.

Sumo - Blueberry Chiller
Sumo – Blueberry Chiller
Passion-fruit Cheesecake

The plating was on point, the combination of cheesecake with passion fruit was a star, sweet to perfection and good in taste, but there were some lows as well. The cheesecake lacked right texture and consistency, the base of cheesecake was a bit too crumbl-ey.
Cost: 600 Rs.

Sumo - PassionFruit Cheesecake
Sumo – PassionFruit Cheesecake
Peach Trifle

Served beautifully along with a chocolate side. Couldn’t really find peach in the taste, this was just an ordinary sponge with lots of cream trifle. Plus points for not being overly sweet.
Cost: 495 Rs

Sumo - Peach Trifle
Sumo – Peach Trifle

Overall, desserts didn’t seem to be their strong forte but you can have them for a sweet ending to your meal, don’t expect too much though.

The service was on point, the servers knew about the menu and what they are offering. The order was served in average time as well.

Final Words

Sumo focuses on Japanese cuisine and delivered the taste really well, it was finally something different than every other entree being offered in cafes.With Japanese cuisine,  most people get sushi and raw food in mind, trust us on this, they have got so much more than this to offer with a unique taste palette too. If you are tired of Lahore’s usual Food taste and want to have a nice different meal, this place is a must try. You can have a main course and drink in around 2000-2500 Rs – A bit expensive but definitely worth the money.

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