Supper House










You should visit, because:

  • Economical
  • Amazing appetizers

Keep in mind these:

  • Congested Sitting
  • Lacks Authentic Taste Of dishes


An Economical  Good Substitute Of High-End Eateries

Located on Sir Syed Road, opposite YUMS Supper House is a comparatively newer addition to economical average eat-out spots in Lahore. The interior is pretty normal, with some of the tables decorated with birthday decor items and props. The space is huge but the sitting arrangement  is really congested.

Supper House - Interior
Supper House – Interior
Supper House - Interior
Supper House – Interior

The menu ranges from Pizzas, Pastas, Steaks, Sandwiches to starters and a few desserts. We took the liberty to order Nachos Supreme, Peri Bites, and Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo Pasta for ourselves. They have some all-in-1 deals as well which contain a starter, one main entree, dessert, tea/coffee and a drink at a price of 550 Rs.

Peri Bites

These are the best peri bites in town you can get your hands on. These mouth-watering crispy fried green chilies filled with grilled chicken and peri sauce are something you do not want to miss at all. The chilies were served with a special sauce which had a rich texture and taste complementing the spices. The chunks of grilled chicken were perfectly cooked with just the right amount of sauce in the filling. All in all, for a price of PKR 325, this was a good item.

Supper House - Peri Bites
Supper House – Peri Bites
Supreme Nachos

This nachos dish was a bit different from the ordinary but nevertheless, equally amazing. Different because they didn’t use real nachos but something very close to fried “Roll Pati”. Crispy nacho-like  chips were garnished with their homemade toppings were served with sour cream and salsa. The garnishing included jalapenos, capsicum, tomatoes and lettuce. The salsa sauce was missing that spicy kick a good salsa should have. The cheese however made this dish somewhat perfect as a light nacho-Like item A little more taste and maybe chicken chunks would’ve made it better. These nachos will cost you 445 Rs.

Supper House - Supreme Nachos
Supper House – Supreme Nachos
Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta

The pasta was rich in taste and had just the right amount of serving. The chicken chunks were grilled to perfection and had a good kind of salted taste to them. This fettuccine Alfredo had an original creamy taste to it unlike some other cafes these days which just serve a bland white sauce pasta. Overall, this was a good choice and costed PKR 625.

Supper House - Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
Supper House – Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
Supper House Lunch Deal

This deal is an all rounder for those who want to have a complete meal in an economical range, For a price of 550 + tax you get a brownie, tea, drink  and a main item from pastas, burgers, steaks or sandwiches.The drinks available in this deal are cold-drinks and Margarita only. You can upgrade your drink for an extra 100 rs.

Lunch Deal – Margarita 

This Margarita was part if the deal and was perfectly chilled, a bit more sweet than needed and lacked the refreshing taste of Mint.

Supper House - Lunch Deal Margarita
Supper House – Lunch Deal Margarita


Lunch Deal – Penne Arrabiata Pasta 

This pasta was under-cooked, dry and almost nothing like a true arrabita pasta. The sauce used was sweet and didn’t taste like that peculiar Arrabiata pasta sauce and was probably only a thick tomato paste with minimal spices. The chicken strips tasted average but overall this dish was a disappointment,

Supper House - Penne Arrabiata
Supper House – Penne Arrabiata

Lunch Deal – Brownie 

A small brownie with an ice-cream scoop on top was part of the deal as well, this brownie was extra hard and over-sweet but seeing the deal this was a good sweet ending to meal.

Supper House - Lunch Deal Dessert
Supper House – Lunch Deal Dessert

Lunch Deal – Tea

Separate tea was served as part of the deal.

The service was a bit slow maybe because it was almost full house when we visited, the staff was friendly. We do have concerns about hygiene of this place since not everything on our table was clean.

If you are celebrating your birthday here, their staff will come to your table and sign happy birthday to you. This is something un-usual for cafes in Lahore and we liked this try of standing out.

Final Verdict

Supper House is a nice place to visit with your friends and family when you are on a budget but want to enjoy menus like the one in cafes and high-end restaurants.. The taste they offer was very average but for a price of per person 700/Person you get good menu options, average sitting and nice ambiance. We recommend this place for your birthday parties and casual dine-ins.

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