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You should visit, because:

  • Economical
  • Different From The Usual
  • Snack Oriented Menu


Taste with a Twist

Tapas Fusion Bar is a small restaurant located in DHA Y Block market, near Rina’s Kitchenette. The name is a Spanish word “Tapas” which means ‘A Spanish appetizer or Snack’.The eatery is quite i sync with the name..Here is how..

The restaurant covers a two flour Spanish themed area with a very comfy sitting. They have tried making the interior very classy and artistic with smoky walls, mirror modified to earth globe and a cluster of hanging chairs. Everything falls perfectly with the theme of the place except those walls which just look like something very rough and undone.


The menu goes along with the name ‘Fusion’, they are serving small quantity meals from different cuisines, and hence the reason why almost everything on their menu is priced around 500-600. We tried their Nachos in starters, Chin Chin and Drunken Noodles in Main Course ,Mint Chocolate  and Summer Breeze in drinks,Brownie Bomb and Trifle shots from dessert.


If you have been hunting for places which serve real nachos, you need to check out this place. This was a full plate of fresh nachos(not soggy or soft) with salsa and jalapeno which gave it a mild spicy taste. It was a light refreshing starter to try at 575 Rs. A bit expensive for what it contained though.

Tapas Fusion Bar - Nachos
Tapas Fusion Bar – Nachos
Summer Delight

We chose this drink with peach base. The drink overall was quiet refreshing but extra sweet with peach flavor different and better than the the artificial one.  This drinks costs you 225 Rs.

Tapas Fusion Bar - Summer Delight
Tapas Fusion Bar – Summer Delight
Chocolate Mint

With hints of mint and the flavor of chocolate syrup this drink for sure is going to enliven you. Having perfect consistency; it is neither too thin nor too thick, and also has a chunk of chocolate ice cream to add more flavor in it.However it might feel too sweet to people who tend to take light sugar. For 290 Rs. this one is a must have if you are visiting Tapas fusion bar and are a shake lover

Tapas Fusion Bar - Chocolate Mint
Tapas Fusion Bar – Chocolate Mint
Chin Chin

The name stands out in their menu and is chef-recommended also. This tapa (snack) comes with both beef and chicken in one dish along-with sticky steamed rice. The Beijing Beef had a sour n sweetish sauce with thin slices of beef. The beef was very well cooked, crispy and you will like it even if you don’t like beef. The chicken was Thai Basil Chicken, was salty, mild,very peppery and okayish in taste. What we loved about this item was how it contained Beijing beef, and Thai basil chicken in one dish and was priced at 550 Rs. (Amazing, no?)

Tapas Fusion Bar - Chin Chin
Tapas Fusion Bar – Chin Chin
Drunken Noodles

This dish is not for you if you get heated up with a small spice level. Its a super hot, super spicy Thai dish which Tapas is serving with baby corns, chicken, some vegetables and spicy noodles of-course. Its a treat for you if you love extra spicy, Do try it and tell us if you finished it without any drinks and we’ll give you a shutout on our Facebook. Promise. These spicy noodles will cost you 595 Rs for a very good quantity.


Tapas Fusion Bar - Drunken Noodles
Tapas Fusion Bar – Drunken Noodles
Brownie Bomb

Catching up with the trend of braking a chocolate cover with hot dripping syrup, Tapas has a Brownie Bomb in their menu which goes perfectly with the name since they explode the bomb (Chocolate cover over brownie) with hot liquid chocolate. The melted chocolate, a scoop of icecream over a walnut brownie is a treat for chocolate lovers. The walnut brownie was delicious with all the walnut chunks but didn’t really tasted fresh.Surprisingly this costs you only 375 Rs.

Tapas Fusion Bar – Brownie Bomb
Trifle Shots

These are probably the best option for people who want to only have a spoonful of meetha after their meal. We were given their Banoffee Shots and Caramel Shots,

Banoffee Pudding: The pudding was thin, very chilled and with banana chunks it gave just the right amount of sweet needed. This trifle shot was a refreshing, light to stomach and perfectly sweet treat.

Caramel Brownie: We loved this combination of caramel chunks with brownie, it was a heavy, mild sweet chunky dessert. Each of these shots will cost you 150 PKR.

Tapas Fusion Bar - Trifle Shots
Tapas Fusion Bar – Trifle Shots

The service was perfect, everything got served in time.

Final Verdict

Tapas Fusion Bar is bringing a much needed concept to Pakistan, They are offering a very different than usual  menu with an amazing taste and in a very economical price range to go perfectly with their name of ‘Fusion’ for multiple cuisine and ”Tapas’ for small snack style meals. The interior and ambiance compliments every other thing and we highly recommend this place to our readers. You can have one main item at Tapas for as low as 600 Rs per person


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