The Balcony










You should visit, because:

  • Funky interior
  • Comparatively economical

Keep in mind these:

  • No Non-Smoking Area
  • Slow Service
  • Congested Sitting
Small Place with a Taste
The balcony is just another eat-out spot among many at Mall-one,  this one is located on first floor of mall-one next to the brasserie.
They only have this one floor sitting unlike other eateries occupying double floors.Its a small area with congested sitting and the place offers you only outdoor sitting at the moment. The area is quiet colorful and funky though.
The Balcony - Interior
The Balcony – Interior
The Balcony - Interior
The Balcony – Interior
The menu was limited to common savory items, pasta sandwiches few starters and main chicken entrees. We ordered their chicken fajita panini and Spicy Alfredo Pasta.
Spicy Jalapeno Panini
The panini was mild in spices, juicy and filled. Not dry like most of the places and not bland like most other places too. The jalapenos added a tangy kick and made this panini a perfect one.
The Balcony - Spicy Jalapeno Panini
The Balcony – Spicy Jalapeno Panini
Spicy Alfredo Pasta
Alfredo pasta sauce is almost same at every place, salty mild and creamy but this one tasted extra fresh, spicy enough to justify its name and the smoked touch in the chicken made this pasta one of the bests we have tried so far.
The Balcony - Spicy Fettuccine Pasta
The Balcony – Spicy Fettuccine Pasta
Service was super slow and there were only two people at the serving when their whole place was occupied. From serving the order to presenting the bill everything was late.
Final Verdict
Balcony has a very common menu, limited sitting but whatever we tried tasted almost perfect. A faster service and spacious sitting would make this place an all-in-one package.
Per Person Cost for a Main Course: 600-800 PKR

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