The Brasserie - Interior

The Brasserie










You should visit, because:

  • Usual Menu, Different Taste
  • Amazing Interior and Ambiance
  • Chocolate Overload is Perfect

Keep in mind these:

  • Pricey
Visit Them For Their Ambiance and Uniqueness
The Brasserie is a new eatery located in Mall-1-The Modern Food street of Lahore right. The name is a French word which means ‘A french restaurant with relaxed sitting’ and you pronounce it as ‘Brsa-uh-ree’. We visited this place and here is what it actually was!
After solving the mystery of finding Brassere’s entrance, we finally reached there and the interior surprised us! They have worked hard to provide you a spacious, nice and comfy sitting with a very vintage kind of feel. The place is huge and covers bigger area than other restaurants on the same street, and offers both smoking and non smoking area. To go to Brasserie, enter into mall-1, go to first floor and take a right.
The Brasserie -Outdoor View
The Brasserie -Outdoor View
The Brasserie - Interior
The Brasserie – Interior Source:: Brasserie
The restaurant mainly follows continental and french cuisine with some common entrees as well. We tried their Blue Colada from drinks,Threaded Chicken from starters, Three Cheese Chicken and Stuffed Chicken from main course and  Chocolate Overload from Desserts. Their menu had some very  interesting items  including Spicy Guava and Umm-Ali in Desserts which we are definitely going to try in our next visit.
Blue Colada
You have tried casual Pina Coladas everywhere but this was a Colada with a twist of blueberry, it tasted a lot like a drink with strong tangy Blueberry toffee flavor. If you have tasted blueberry candies or Fruittella, you will find this one very similar to them. Definitely a different than usual drink which will cost you 250 Rs. The quantity of the drink can definitely be improved though.
The Brasserie - Blue Colada
The Brasserie – Blue Colada
Threaded Chicken
We tried their threaded chicken from starters and loved it! The crispy crunches covering it and the soft chicken inside were complimenting each other perfectly. The chicken had a very tangy taste, not bland like like most of the starters everywhere.  The sauce served with it had a very strong minty taste.This starter is not boring and very refreshing and will cost you 350 Rs.
Stuffed Chicken
Served over the bed of pasta, this was grilled chicken stuffed with a creamy thick mushroom sauce and chunks of jalapeno and olives. The chicken was a bit overcooked, a bit hard and gave smoky taste. The jalapeno chunks will give you a punch of spicy/tangy taste, rest was all mild and peppery. The pasta under the chicken was Fettuccine Alfredo pasta. All in all this was an okay dish, they can really add taste to the stuffing they use. The quantity was more than perfect for a price of 750 Rs.
Three Cheese Chicken

A well cooked and soft chicken with a mild coating and very mild sauce with a slight hint of cheese would perfectly describe this item. The spaghetti served along with it was boiled spaghetti probably, with no or very small taste.If you are somebody who loves very mild flavored but well cooked chicken with spaghetti, this one is for you. Three cheese chicken will cost you 695 Rs.

The Brasserie -Three Cheese Chicken With Spaghetti
The Brasserie -Three Cheese Chicken With Spaghetti
Chocolate Overload
If you are a chocolate dessert lover who is tired of trying molten lava or skillet brownie everywhere, this is made for you! This dish was more than chocolate overload, it was sweet but not extra sweet, it wasn’t heavy and it will leave you craving for more! Served with a chocolate shell on top; on which they pour hot chocolate syrup and you see the goodness of an ice-cream scoop over a layer of chocolate/coffee moose, crunchy coffee candy chunks, Chocolate Biscuit bytes and soft brownie. This was an all-rounder dessert, crunchy, cold, hot, sweet and perfect! It will cost you 695 try this dessert.
The service at this place was slow in serving orders but the staff was very welcoming.
Final Verdict
We can say one thing without any doubt that Brasserie has got one of the best ambiance and interior when it comes to eateries in the same area. They had their own unique taste in every dish and nothing we tried tasted like usual. With a bit more additions to taste, Brasserie can definitely come among the best eateries of Lahore. A main course and drink at this place can cost you around 1000-1200. We highly recommend their Chocolate Overload.

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